Esther Rantzen to stand as MP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archangel, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. As much as I don't like Esther Rantzen, at least she has a track record of being on the right side of consumer affairs stories and getting things done. That alone marks her as better than 99% of our sitting MPs.
  2. Thats life!

    I'll get me coat!
  3. She's certainly sufficiently self absorbed.
  4. As long as she passes her BMI....
  5. We'll see. A lot of people haven't taken kindly to learning that their MP was feathering her nest 80 miles on the opposite side of Parliament.
  6. You'll get the usual thousands who will vote Labour/Tory simply because they've always done so and see no reason to change now.
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  7. Well the present set of "Professional Politicians" have proven themselves inept, untrustworthy and lower than a snakes belly so why not, go to it Lass. :wink:
  8. She can be a really vicous old cow and totally selfish. I watched her blow up and crucify studio runners for daring to bring her the wrong type of coffee.

    When she was doing 'hearts (farts) of gold' she would force the researchers to join her in the crapper whilst she dictated her daily instructions and demands.
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  9. Speaker ambitions, then?
  10. I'm assuming the researchers were outside the cubicle and not crowding around the presenter as she, er, worked.

    But what a great metaphor for television in general!
  11. They were INSIDE. How selfish is tht?
  12. Oh, for an amusingly-shaped vegetable.

    I wonder what her Beeb expenses look like...
  13. I can,t comment as it's more than my jobs worth!
  14. Must have made for an odd ode or odour.

    Anyway, must be off, I have a cab waiting and whose jacket is this coat?