Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Outstanding, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Umm ...... what value does this organisation add?
  2. I shouldn't add anything to this thread.....I work for them!!!!!!

    Seriously if you want to know what we do I will enlighten you.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    That shouldn't take long!
  4. Well I dont really know but it seems that you dont do anything that Defence Estates and the Garrison HQs do as well?
  5. i think there needs to be an ALLEGEDLY in that statement mate :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  6. I don't think anyone really works in that corridor - they process paper endlessly, but work?? - as the CORSA advert says - COME ON!!!
  7. I am at the lower end of the scale in the unit so I can't comment on what goes on in the corridors of power!!

    In short, Estates Branch works in partnership with Defence Estates to maintain and provide new buildings for the military in Germany. It's run by RE and manned by RE, but with a large slice of civilian staff as well. Obvivously they direct the Garrison HQs on estates matters.

    There is a link off the Army Intranet Portal, via the UKSC(G) web page but you'll need to use a computer at work to access it.

    That was a really geeky reply but thats what Estates Branch does. :eek:
  8. Estates branch actually dupliocate the work of Garrisons each of which has their own Estates branches and DE reps. They are merely an exscuse to perpetuate a RE Colonels appointment and are superfluous
  10. Outstanding, you're obviously on a roll tonight (having read some of your other posts) but I would agree with only to a degree.

    Yes there are many UKBC and civil servant types lounging around UKSC(G) getting paid to do F. all. However, there is a space in the world for Estates Branch. Were else in the Corps (or the Army) would you get to play with infrastructure engineering on this scale?

    Where do you think the direction comes from for the Estates offices at each Garrison HQ? yes Estates Branch. Where does DE get its money from? yes Estates Branch.

    Have you anymore rants against UKSC(G)?
  11. He started another thread 2 mins before he started this one...cunningly he named it UKSC(G).

    I think blokes like him are special...answering their own questions and everything :roll:
  12. Do you understand that it is DE who contol the Estate, the Budget, Policy at al. Estate Branch have no budget, they merely add another layer of bureacracy between the Garrison and DE. As far as direction, what direction-there has been none, other than that issued by DE. As you know DE are soon to take responsibility for all housing/accn issues and have even looked at taking over Defence Accommodation Stores, thus in their words providing a "cradle to grave" service. Estate Branch have increasingly little relevance outside creating work for it' own end.
  13. I must correct you, 'DE control the estate' on behalf of Estates Branch. Estates Branch is a demand organisation and DE is the supplier. It is all meant to be a 'partnership' though.

    I would say that DE is now becoming a large beast of a civil servant run organisation that needs to be cut back. Like you say Defence Accommodation Stores next and then the Defence Training Estate after that. Where will it end.
  14. My point is that Estate branch have no role, DE contol the Estate on behalf of the GOC, they have a 1 star civilian equivalent who reports direct to GOC, what Estate branch do is double evry piece of work by unnecessary confusion and intervention. Garrison staff do most of the ground work with their Mil Clerk of Works.