Estate Agents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scarletto, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Fcukers, bastards, cnuts. I want to kill them using Hostel 1 and 2 dvds as training aids, i hope that they and their fecking families all die, again hopefully at my hands.

    Twats who earn money by being well twats, firebombings to fecking good for you barstewards :x
  2. Just gazumped then Scarletto?

  3. A pretty normal reaction I fear.
  4. So, hows your day going?
  5. I can agree with that, I have had to put up with some right knobs.

    What have they done?
  6. Bastards are liars, not just bad liars, but fecking expensive fecking liars, not only that why after the promises of email contact,mobile contact and fecking probably pigeon post.

    Why do i find everytime i contact them, news they they have had for fecking two weeks, they aint told us, seriously i think death by anything less painful than cheese graters shoved up their arrse isnt painful enough.

    Loose this fecking house and im going postal :x
  7. There has to be some alternative to these parasites. It ain't that hard, I've bought and sold my last two houses without them (although I do have a tame lawyer in the family to handle the conveyancing).

    It can't be that difficult to organise something like 'Exchange & Mart' for houses? Somewhere people can advertise houses for sale or look for a new one.

    Kill the f*ckers anyway. Just for being loud-voiced arrogant twats.
  8. You forgot thieves.
  9. must admit they are lazy dodgy fuggin turd burglers, we have had our house up for sale 2 months and all the keep saying is put it in the paper. had to point out what do they do then for their 1% plus commission (plus Vat) i could put it in the paper myself for less.. (and thats Scotland)
  10. I was lied to over the price the lady wanted for my house, they will fleece their own the piky tw@ts.
  11. I went to school with a girl whose dad was an estate agent.

    I didnt realise it at the time but looking back he was a smarmy cnut.