Estate agents - the lowest form of life

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EX_STAB, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Bloody Estate Agents. They don't half go out of their way to screw everyone over. Am at present looking to rent a house. They want ME to pay THEM £60 for the privilege of being vetted. Surely this is a business expense that is the Landlord's responsibility? Can you imagine going to buy a car and having to pay up front for the car dealer to check out whether you were a suitable purchaser?

    Bloody scumsuckers.
  2. £60 is cheap, I had to pay £90 on the last house I rented. I agree it's a cost which should be picked up by those that are going to profit from you renting.
  3. On a six month lease it's £10 a month on top of the rent, £15 in your case. Parasitic fcukers
  4. I'm not too sure about this, but is there not some sort of legislation that forbids these vultures taking money upfront? I believe they're only entitled to their commission once the tenancy agreement's been signed.

  5. I can't remember having to pay for that (I am also a renter). I thought that sort of thing was done by providing stuff like job details and a deposit. Sounds like a bit of a rip-off.

    Have you tried using righmove?
  6. Do you mean Estate Agent or Letting Agent? If the Letting Agent wants to charge a vetting fee, go somewhere else, as they will recover any incidental expenditure through their cut of the rent.

    I agree with your opinion on Estate Agents, though.
  7. Oh they're all at it now. I've never had to pay up front like this before either. They want references as well. The bank wants £15 +vat to give a reference. That's over £75 I'm shelling out to cover the Landlord's business expenses.
  8. They're Estate and Lettings agent. same people, same office.
  9. the Tw@ts we are using for our current house move want 206 pounds for vetting me and the wife. (103 each) I hope they die.
  10. The last time I rented, in 2003, I had to pay for references and checks to be be carried out, so I don't think it's anything new. What got my blood boiling was when the cheeky cun ts decided to keep half of my deposit for the cost of cleaning the flat that I spent all day cleaning and other made up expenses and repairs, curtains cleaned? I took the cun ts down when I moved in and put my own up FFS. Still in current economic climate lots are losing their jobs, and that warms the cockles of my heart...
  11. Credit checks are standard, £50-60 should be the going rate, obviously this is to ensure a potential tenant is likely to be capable of paying their rent. Agencies ought to refund the fee should their application be unsuccessful, though some raise a credit note for future applications. It's not greed, or the agency trying to swindle you it's simply to protect their clients business interests.
  12. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    We never had to pay for references or anything when we rented. We rented through Paul Carr, not sure whether they have offices around your area but we had an excellent experience with them.

    Once we decided to buy a house we couldn't afford the ones they were offering so we went with a cheaper estate agents, who I'm 99% sure invented the "someone else is interested in the property so you either lose it or bid more" .... robbing barstards .... in the end I really really wanted this house so we ended up coughing £1500 on top of the original price. It was a lot back then but in todays market where most people are losing their home or are in negative equity we're damn glad we bought it so dirt cheap.

    So, end of story, go with someone else unless you really really want to rent the chosen property with them.
  13. The referencing fee should be no more than £30. That's a clear £15 profit per person for the agency which is normal.

    What I think you're talking about Ex_Stab is the agency fee. You're obviously not looking in London, Foxtons charge £350 for the honour of going through them.

    Ask which firm is doing the referencing, find out the cost for the service, should be £15 and offer to pay that. To get around the agency fee, either refuse to pay it or ask for an invoice detailing the exact service that you are about to pay for. They are unlikely to want to lose a deal for the sake of a couple of quid and you are entitled for a full, detailed break down on a service you are paying for.
  14. Nope, why should I spend £60 of my dosh to find out someone is a feckwitt and cant be trusted with my house? If you want to rent my house, you have to prove to me that you are suitable to rent it. As for buying a car, you have to provide ID and address details, your driving licence (both parts) and if getting it on flick bank statements etc and the cost of them vetting you comes out of interest charged by them for lending you the dosh, you will probably find there is a loan arrangement fee as well.

    I've just had to deal with some twat who went all the way through trying to rent my house, only on the day of the handover refused to get out of bed and sent his old dear round to my letting agents to tell them he cant be bothered now.
  15. Err, no!
    That's your commercial risk in return for which you make a profit.

    Anyway, spoke to the Landlord. He wasn't very amused considering they're already charging him for doing this so he's "having a word".
    Also got 5% off the rent for paying in advance which suits me. Couldn't earn that as interest over the period.