Establishment vs Reality in todays Reserves

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by One_of_the_strange, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. While blundering about this interwebnetthingy looking for pictures of ladies with no clothes on I found the following link.

    This points to the Directorate of Reserve Forces Rolling Brief. Now presumably it changes as new ones are issued but the one up today is for August and it quotes the following data:

    TA (excluding non-deployable OTC)
    Establishment - 38130
    Strength - 32859

    I make that around 86% manned. I wonder how it looks if we take soldiers still being trained up on their trades.

    Has anyone seen these figures before, it'd be interesting to see how they've varied over, ooh I don't know, the last couple of years.
  2. Some interesting figures which must be incorrect are the Telic call ups. According to the table on the last page 461 Army reserves were called up but only 3 turned up! Something wrong there. I know a chap who was called for Telic 5 and there were more than 3 when he got there. :roll:
  3. I noticed that - but the figures are dated August, must have been gathered earlier, and I think the Telic 5 mob might not have turned up by then.
  4. My papers came in July to report early Sept, so I'd have been in the 461 number.
  5. The reason it shows so few reservists is because it refers to the regular reserves. Some were called out for Telic 1 but they didn't show up. All of the numbers confusion is due to the different titles of TA, Reservists, Sponsored Reserves etc..... Roll on Telic 6!!!
  6. It gives figures for both ... the ones I quoted were definitely for TA (less OTC). Army regular reserve was around 100,784.
  7. Don't know then - I would be tempted to trust the MOD figures about as much as I trust any recent promises to be home for Christmas (he never said which year did he, and has he told the RAF??) :roll: