Establishment Changes

My current unit is closing down.

I have been told by my chain of command that I am to be posted in the first week of May.
The two new post establishments that I could be eligible for have been passed up the chain of command and been on 30 days circulation and approved, and now all the paperwork for these has been sent to MCM/div Glasgow to get entered on JPA.

My desk officer has stated that as the posts are not on JPA I cannot be posted to them. I can also not be told if I have picked up on the last board because the new post that I would get on promotion is not on JPA.

The Paperwork was passed to Glasgow in the first week of December.
Does anyone know how long I am looking at for this to get entered on JPA?.
I heard last week it wouldn't get done till August. One of the new posts needs should be up and running by June in order to teach the Phase 2 trainees who are definately arriving then.

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