Establishing the Rule of Law: The British Experience in Iraq

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by RQ, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. RQ

    RQ Swinger

    Dear All

    I am currently conducting a study looking at the problem of conducting post war policing operations. I am looking at the lessons learnt for future operations, and cross referencing them with the lessons learnt in the Balkans and NI.

    This is a very important topic, and I am looking for the general opinions at staff level regarding how having to act as an interim police force affected operations in Iraq. Do you think the Army can handle the burden of acting as a constabulary as well as focusing on other operations? If you have any comments please get in contact.

  2. What headline will it be under, so I can look for it? :lol:
  3. Well done Compus, I've had an OP on this thread all week! RQ also posted in the AGC forum hoping for an RMP bite but all they've fed him are official websites. He's now asked if any of them have personal experiences (why? he could just make it up surely?!).
  4. RQ

    RQ Swinger

    The Mirror
    Ok here it is. I’m not a journalist, I am a serviceman you can find similar posts on Army net, and I already have political comments and academic comments, and some military comments, at staff level and RMP. However I just wanted a broader spectrum of opinions. SSR is a big area of reform and I am publishing paper on this. I understand your concern, and apologise if asking people in this manor has offended you.
  5. No offence meant!

    You never can be too sure! Perhaps you'd be better off signposting people to Armynet, although admittedly, many might not bother....
  6. Unless you have dedicated, specialist capability then no. Especially, in my humble opinion in the current TELIC/ HERRICK context.

    I will elaborate if you like. This isn't RMP bashing whatsoever, the issues go way beyond that.

  7. I hope it isn't RMP bashing because I will come and find you!! LOL

    As I write this, there a conference taking place in Ottawa on this very subject. It is hosted by US CENTCOM with much input from various national and international parties. I WAS going to attend, but got pulled by CF masters at the last moment. What I can do is put you in contact with the organiser to see if there are useful PPT/briefing notes/LL etc.

    Let me know and I will chuck you my email.


  8. Until the Iraqi Government address the 'issue' of OMS openly carrying weapons on the streets and offering themselves up in a neighbourhood 'protectorate' role (which should remain the preserve of the police) the security situation will not be resolved. The fact that OMS has political status makes it all the more difficult.

    In the words of T E Lawrence "Better to let them do it imperfectly, than do it perfectly yourself, for it is their country, their way and your time is short." Agreed