Establishing the Rule of Law: the British Experience in Iraq

Dear all RMP's

I am currently conducting a study looking at the problem of conducting post war policing operations. I am looking at the lessons learnt for future operations, and cross referencing them with the lessons learnt in the Balkans and NI.

This is a very important topic, and I am looking for the general opinions of RMP’s towards this, particularly if you have served in the policing role in these three theatres. Even if you are not RMP and just have an interest in this topic please contact me.
Do RMP's actually learn any lessons from the various conflicts around the world?When on duty in the trouble zones around the world they were more of a nuisance than a help.
Personally I think the RMP does and has become more accepting of this role. Firstly it was stated in the PJHQ publication, Peace Support Operations; “In situations of chaos military enforcement actions will be a necessary precursor to restoring law and order.” Even the new provost web site openly talks about this role, “In post conflict operations the RMP role often expands, and they have historically found themselves as the only police force within a foreign country. In recent years (Kosovo and Iraq) they have found themselves as the only police force, required to police a foreign nation, and assist in the regeneration of the local Police Force.” However I believe that the problem comes at political and higher command, as Gen Sir Rupert Smith discusses in his book The Utility of Force.
Take a look at and go to the Department of Peacekeeping best practices pages. You will find some interesting stuff there.


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There again at DPKO you probably won't! Look at UNDP BCPR home page or Cranfield Universiry GFN-SSR page.

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