Essex Chavs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. I have noticed that in my small part of the world i seem to be surrounded by chavs of the lowest order.
    I am thinking of writing to my local MP to ask if anything can be done to improve the lives unfortunate individuals who happen to live in South East Essex.
    I think a month long sustained carpet bombing campaign would do the trick, 100,000 chavs casualties sounds like a small price to pay for a quite night in. Think of it as collateral damage.
    No more loud car exhausts or sterio systems to annoy me.

    Failing that i may have to move to a small island in the south pacific.

    Is it me or is the standard of ordinary folk in this country somewhere near the gutter ?

  2. Heres and idea, declare Colchester and the surrounding area a free fire zone, let the paras out for 24hrs then see how many chavs are left at the end!!

    gotta be good for a laugh!!

  3. you'd have a job on both battalions are out of u.k. and then on leave for a while along with all the hat attatchments to 16aa bde so you'd have to kill em ya self !!!!!
  4. Kill them with sticks.
  5. May i add shitty sticks just like the VC bamboo sticks in the 'NAM
  6. Greenstead ghetto will be the first to go.
  7. Anyone seen wearing Burberry after the curfew will be shot on sight.
    I may bag quite a few round my way.

    Tilbury should account for around 8,000 chav's.
    Basildon another 60,000

    Harlow we will just flattern with an A bomb -that should account for about £3.50 in damage.

  8. Those who survive to break curfew yet again they and their collaborators will be pulled through with a fallen tree and as for collaboration i'm guilty when iwas in colchester i was re-nowned for being a chav shagger and always waking up in greenstead and white city oh the horror but brothers and sisters i would like to say my cock has been chav chick free for a few months now!!!
  9. Taric -nice avatar mate !

  10. Do you have a collection or display of Burberry g-strings then?! And is there a Colchester equivalent to the knicker display that was in the back-room of The Ratpit in Aldershot?
  11. That's probaly the Bull or the Castle.
  12. No the bull's owner won't allow us to have the knicker wall but we had loads of 'em within the block support company especially mortars and my very own anti-tanks were slightly worrying as there were boxer shorts and male thongs on their knicker boards especially a certain welsh senior tom who wore a lot of SS t-shirts and had half a mile of forhead you know who you are !!!!
  13. After the curfew????? Why wait for so long??
  14. wow even got their timming spot on stop Crab airs drill Sqn :p