Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rowe8316, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys this is my first post so go easy. I have just joined the TA as an infantry soldier and would like to get an understanding of any esential kit that I should be considering everything from very basic field kit ie what to make up a wash kit and first aid kit to have in my webbing to the more gucci stuff like para helmet, airbourne webbing and bests boots to get!

    I am just looking for hints and tips from some of you more experenced guys.

    many thanks
  2. The first and most important thing you should get is a really big and scary looking knife.
  3. Personalised brew kit
  4. a fooking big coooooker
  6. I can recommend investing in one of these, dirt cheap and will have you brewing up in no time at all -

    Field Cooker

  7. Start small with extra green t-shirts, good quility mil style socks then work your way up to Gucci kit as and when you need to.
  8. Here's a tip; don't register on arrse with a user name thats made up of your name/number ;)
  9. Is that like really green?
  10. Good quality pyjamas are a must. It might sound silly but when your combats are soaked through you'll be so glad you've got them when you climb into your scratcher. Just make sure the colours are tactical though, otherwise everyone will take the piss.
  11. So fecking GREEN it will make your eye's bleed if you stare at it for to long. :D
  12. * body wah-mour on *

    Yes, because tactical PJ's have soooo much less of a pi$$ take lock on them than normal PJ's... :roll: :D

    * body wah-mour off *

    The only thing you will need initially that isn't issued is Haribo... Lots and lots of Haribo. aka morale-i-bo

  13. Good sharp leatherman

    Para chord (yes it is more usefull than green string, you'll see why when some numty walks in to your basha at 3am, green string snaps, para chord don't)

    Map holder (also doubles as note book holder)

    Maglite+spare batteries and bulb (paint the lens with red nail varnish)

    Tent pegs

    Wash kit, with small tooth brush, baby wipes, shaving soap and brush, razor, small tube of toothpaste, soap.

    Black insulation tape, tape up all your bergan and webbing straps.

    Bungee up your webbing, jump up and down and see if you make a noise, if you do find a way to stop it, most people leave their mess tins rattling away, put spmething between them like a cloth, also helps clean them, this goes for anything in your bergan rattling.