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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. Is there a version that can be fitted with a bayonet or better still, a UGL ?
  2. Heh, that's actually quite a good design, though I think it would be a bit more effective in .45.
  3. Palm pistols have been around since the mid 1800s, seen a few at auctions over the years but that one looks kool
  4. And you had one brand new. :)
  5. Considering how useless a poorly aimed 9mm round can be, I'd have to agree — but ...

    "An additional function of the device is prevention of sudden onset death ..."

    — it is a joke, right?
  6. Comes with a rail for attachment of scope and laser sights!
  7. Never trust anyone who can't spell when it comes to any form of sales. Discrete is the correct way. $25 down,eh? A few thousand dull punters and melt away. The American Dream.
  8. Scrofula; you have "discrete" data (number of fingers on your hands, for example), however you hope your doctor will be "discreet" about your VD problem.

    Wonder what happens once you've shot the first menacing robber out of a gang of ten...
  9. Yep. The best defence of all, I've found, is to look poorer and even more retarded than potential attackers. Smart thinking and a smooth tongue often outwits the halfwit. Fumbling for a one-off chance weapon is a ticket to an early grave. Come to think of it, I hope they get top sales in the US.
  10. The French, of course, designed such a devious weapon ages ago. I wonder whether it was for the mess Webley shot on putting Gallic hand to brow on learning that half Europe has been shagging one's spouse whilst one was hiding in an outhouse.
  11. I laugh every time I read the warning on firearms manuals that warn against improper use causing death or serious injury...
  12. There's a bit of flaw in the Frog design. Wouldn't it be revealed upon raising their hands in surrender ?
  13. So easy to spot its Septic roots, especially with a laser.....