Essential Gucci Kit For Canada tour

I want to know what is the best range of warm kit to take with you when you going canada, cause i will be touring canada in the winter. Its definately going to be quite warm. ^^\' , but i am really looking forward to it, as it is my first ever tour. so if i have the right kit i think i shall be fine with what ever happens... :D
Spare felts for mukluks
Caribou skin parka
Gloves inside mitts
12 dogs
Snow tools

or if you are driving around instead of walking the Trans Canada Trail

Goretex (or similar) runners/light hikers
Good socks
Medium weight jacket
CAA membership

We don't live in igloos and and in most places you are no more than 50 km from a gas station (some exceptions). Winter can range from +20 to -40 but when it's -40 most things stop happening.

Cold really only sucks when your standing still, in Wainwright we knew what station the RSM listened to for weather, and if it that station said it was below -20 we didn't go to PT, otherwise it was running.
Canuk are you in Wainright now
Canuck said:
Nope, 92 to 97
No sweat, my mate Skuzzy is there, he's just about the oldest F**ker in the Canadian Army
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