Essential Basic training Kit List?

Personal Clothing and equipment you are strongly advised to bring with you

Face Cloth
2 Large Towels
A set of respectable civilian clothes for walking out, (trousers, shoes, shirt and tie)
Flip flops/shower shoes
Underwear (at least enough for 7 days)
Sports underwear
Wrist watch

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Letter from your mum excusing you PT is very important.
Does anyone remember getting issued the white NAAFI mug with their bedding in the early 70's?

I was entering the cookhouse when the canteen cowboy did a mug inspection. My mug had a tea stain in it, so he said, I can't let you drink out of this and my mug joined the other 50 smashed mugs on the floor.

It may not sound like much today, but it cost 50p to replace it. I might write to the BBC Panarama and complain. :roll:
duffdike said:
Do not take any Autosol (on sale at Robert Dyas at 1.49). You obviously won't need it . ;)
I must be an old duffer, I had to google Autosol! It was Brasso when I joined pmsl
Err cough. Autosol is multi purpose. Most of which are illegal and prohibited. Mysteriously we were issued with it at RMAS and very handy it was. But obviously never used for gas affected parts on GPMGs. ;)

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