ESS goggles

Funnily enough they perform like goggles and keep the sand out of your eyes. Why do people insist on calling Iraq and Afghanistan the sandpit? It's not big and it's not clever.
Tell me, are you going to Boz, Koz or Mac too?
Chris 2006, a word of caution:

If you are tempted to go elsewhere for your goggles (or the lightweight eye wear for that matter) you will be unlikely to be able to assess their ballistic protection. Both the ESS pieces of eye wear on issue are ballistically rated; thats why they are issued. Others will have some blurb about 'shatterproof' or such like but unless you are an expert you will not know. Even if you try to compare eye wear by a certain rating written on the box, such as the V50 rating, as different national testing regimes use different projectiles you will never be sure what you are buying. The ESS ones are about the best out there at the moment. All the major and popular brands were tested, the last ones standing were the ESS ones.

Yes they keep the dust out, yes they are optically near perfect, yes they are 100% UV protective but that is all extras. They are purchased in large quantities and issued to all deploying personal for one reason; to save eyes from fragments where its possible. When something obviously better comes out DC IPT will buy it and issue it.
i can vouch for ess goggles and glasses, saved my sight when i was in the "sandpit" but i wasnt werein them properly so they ended up round me neck after takin the main load of shit , my right eye still got some tho ,the eye doctor said i was lucky as , he said he has seen far to many lads lose there sight totally just cos they werent wearing them.
wear em as soon as you leave the gate ,
also seen them stop a shot gun at 5 metres.

if i go back im never gona take em off.

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