ESS Goggles. Inserts?

I've had a search but couldn't find anything so here goes...

Right, now I’ve heard that ESS goggles are on issue to those deploying to sandier climbs iot offer ballistic protection. Your grid may be mincemeat but you will still be able to admire it Joker stylee.

Now I was talking with an “ the know, sonny...” bod today who was convinced that the exchangeable lenses are availible for those who wear specs (ballistic goggles are in his opinion a waste of time and for poofs. He commands a desk).

I was under the impression that 3 colours of lenses are issue with said goggles to cater for the different light levels. He said each pair, clear, yellow and grey were ground.

Surely there must be an insert available which would make this a cheaper option.

Or was he just full of poo.

I know he’s a cnut anyway ‘cos he called me ‘sonny’.

Any chance of vindication?


I’ve got a pint riding on it.
First of all less manerisms as I'm from a less educated part of Wiltshire.
Talk to your med centre and they will give you your prescription and refer you to an optician who will construct the inserts. They should pay for it. Present the receit to QM stores and they should organise payment. Do not pay yourself as you'll probably be 80 quid out of pocket.
Prescription inserts should be ordered through your med centre, who will go through Opthalmic Technologies Ltd (formerly ADCO Optical) once you have had an FMED 79 completed by an optician.
Good advice from 'theoriginalphantom'. Apart from the issue of money doing it yourself can get you glass lenses. Having glass behind a ballistic goggle is not good! The ones delivered via the med centre are, if memory serves, are polycarbonate.

You will get the prescription inserts with an alternative nose clip. This will fit in the ESS low impact eye wear (the sun glass looking one). You will also get an adaptor which will enable you to take them out of the glasses and put them in the goggles. The low and medium eye protection is designed to be issued as a set and the corrective lenses come in their own ESS black pouch with the clips, adaptors and a cloth.

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