ESS eyewear range

I've seen a lot of blokes wearing these and decided to look into them a bit deeper. I was quite pleased to find this;

Has anyone ordered these through their QM's before? For those that have them, what are they like? Any particular model's that stand out? They seem relatively cheap, so I thought I'd ask on here before I plunged in an bought something.


Kit Reviewer
Look at the sticky on operational eyewear before you buy anything
Ha, I flicked through four pages of threads trying to find a related eyewear thread, didn't check the stickys though, cheers ;)

The chances of me going on ops in the next couple of years are nil, so buying from the site is probably my only option right now. I'd still be interested to hear from anyone who has owned a pair that cn recommend a particular model.
I can recommend the ICE series glasses. I wore them for 9 months whenever I was outside the wire and never had any problems with them.


Yes..good bit of kit..for some reason other keep getting the legs lost....:)
Try fleabay. Got a set of the Advancer V12 with 3 spare lenses and bag for a fiver in as new condition.

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