"Esprit-de-Corps" in The RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Abandon_Ship!, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Having read the continuing vitriolic comments between CEGs and especially aimed at AT's, is there any common cause that unites the Soldiers of the RLC?
  2. Yes we like to slag off Bomb doctors, stackers, flat liners, chunks, slops, flip flops, hand bags and whatever else you can think of. But its all in jest if we didnt have the banter we would probably sign off.
  3. You missed smelly ops and trogs!
  4. Yes, yes, yes! -but what event, occasion, call it what you like, actually "unites" the Corps?
  5. April Fools day?
  6. I hope not!
  7. 'Twas the original formation date in 93.........oh the irony of it!
  8. Abandon-Ship,

    You might want to watch SKY News today if you get the chance. 23 Pnr Regt have some excellent coverage in Afghanistan. That is the sort of thing that unites the Corps in feeling proud. 23 Regt are in the main fighting as infantry and reportedly doing an impressively professional job.
  9. Didn't we accept some time ago that the primary role of the Noble Pioneers was not to be infantry?

    Just goes to show how far sighted the decisions of some of our better were. More humble pie DRLC? No I didn't think so!

    Well done the boys of 23 Regt. Maybe you can re-start the campaign for your brown berets and Infantry courses again.
  10. Unfortunately a death of an RLC Soldier will unite all.

    RIP all of them.

  11. We all enjoy the banter and poking fun at the various trades within the Corps however look at things like the RSMs convention.

    Army wide convention 9 slots to brief the top brass, 6 slots filled by RLC.

    Power behind the Punch!
  12. they will never give us the beret back let alone the course - remember its the MOD we are talking about here - when was the last time they admited they wrong.....
  13. They never admit that they are wrong, they well no doubt come up with an idea in years to come to separate the RLC, saying that it is too big and form smaller Corps such as a transport, ordinance and postal Corps
  14. you missed of the pioneer corps - or was that on purpose :? :? :?
  15. The Army has got lots of Inf - we need, and have got, good pioneers - not the same thing.

    If Sir needs his HQ guarded in the field, why not use a Coy or two of inf and use the highly diversly skilled pioneers to do what they are meant to do.

    Not knocking what 23 have been up to lately tho - Bowler hat doffed in your direction.