Espirit de NAAFI ... Bar!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. So I've been drinking most of the day. In which case I will rant/gob off because I can.

    What the fuck is actually acceptable in the NAAFI Bar? Most of my posts on ARRSE are in the NAAFI and whilst I take the pi$$ as much as the next man I like to think I am cheeky rather than offensive. I think of the virtual NAAFI bar as being the same as an actual NAAFI bar ... where chaps can drink their fill mixing with seniors and officers (when they dare to venture) and say what they think. Where the conversation is always of a nature that is risqué but that there are always lines drawn in the sand that should not be crossed. Because in the real NAAFI, when those lines are crossed, the result is usually met with quick and effective violence.

    When I see on here people being exceptionally abusive about fellow servicemen (whether they are serving or retired) I cannot but wonder what would happen if they did that in a real NAAFI bar? When someone gobs off about anothers wife/children or, in my case, disability, I am pretty certain what would have happened to them outisde the vitual world.

    I can't help thinking that half those that post in the ARRSE NAAFI bar have never been in a real one and therefore don't understand the real etiquette of the place. Maybe they are trying to impress some of the older, cleverer and therefore more established members of ARRSE by trying to go one step further and therefore earn themselves credos?

    So, there you go ... my half cut thoughts and before some cunt posts 'this is the Naffi if you don't like it ...' bore off!
  2. Show examples mate?
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I had 3 disks out of my back due to an injury and eventual MD, my mates told me I had turned into a right spinless cnut since leaving the mob :lol:

  4. In my humble opinion, anyone who posts with the hope of impressing someone on a website, just because the said person joined it before them, is a twat.
    I personally couldnt give a shag what someone who joined arrse a year two years or whatever before me thinks, sod em.

    As for the NAAFI, well as far as I can tell, its for just about anything goes really, but if you get personal abuse, then thats out of order, as far as slagging a regiment or corps goes, well thats just banter, anyone who gets upset about that, shouldnt have joined.

    Stop moaning you cnut, its your round. :)
  5. To put it in perspective, K13 asked for it to be taken lower....... Suddick opted to drill to the core of the planet and post there.

    I'm pretty sure it was just banter, and he didn't mean anything by it other than lowering the tone and seeking a bite.

    If I'm honest I laughed at the flid gag, it was the rest I thought a bit out of order. I know K13 is capable of laughing at his injury, which is what makes him a squaddie...... I bust my back in Bos, and have just been branded a cripple by a rock ape.... rather that that get thirty PMs with 'you alright mate' or 'Hope you are ok now' on them.
  6. ive fucked all your mums.
  7. As did I, but your mum did ass to mouth, got to give her some praise for that :)
  8. not really, she was rubbish.

  9. Well tops, that gap in her teeth could cause a problem for you, I can see that now :)
  10. The warning on the door says it all, really. People come to the NAAFI bar expecting to be able to compete to see who can push the boundaries the furthest. There's nothing about trying to impress, it's just the old male-bonding thing. Man up. Mine's a pint.

    Oops, sorry. Didn't meant to say 'mine'.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    And she does'nt swallow... :p
  12. So that's a babysham for carrots, what is everyone else having?
  13. Don't forget the umbrella! Gives it that classy touch.
  14. I was really laughing at that 'Where can I get a Northerner?' thread, especially due to me being one. Self deprecating humour, in my humble opinion, is second to non.

    Now, out of curiosity, I have to ask. k13eod, what effect could the thalidomide drug have, after "inexplicably laying dormant in your system for 43 years before it caused a landmine to detonate hence rendering you a 'Thlid' by default."?

    Please excuse my ignorance here.