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Discussion in 'Officers' started by daviroo, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello there,

    Would anyone on this board be willing to share any especially good moments that they have experienced during their careers? Have there ever been days that just summed up what it is like to be an officer in today’s army? I am specifically interested in experiences from Royal Sigs officers, as this is one of the corps I am interested in, however officers from any part of the army may share, as I am sure there are some excellent stories to be told.
  2. No... thirteen years now and can't think of any. Except maybe the day I PVRd.
  3. Did you enjoy the pay?
  4. What does PVRd mean?
  5. premature voluntary redundancy
  6. I can do you a moment from a R Signals SNCO's life - a few months before I transferred out :D - which was sitting on a tree stump on a perfect Winter morning, somewhere on the Ith feature, about minus 10 degrees C, knowing that we wouldn't be moving for another six hours or so and having the prospect of four delicious hours in two maggots before me, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and an Embassy Number One, with a long and incident-laden night and day and night behind me.

    It was crystalline and silent. Except for the racket from the generator and the noise of Mugger's farting from the radio det, but you know what I mean.
  7. If you want to know what life is like in the Royal Signals, pm me and I fill you in.
  8. napier

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    You always were a punchy fcuker Yid. :lol:
  9. Strap Back! This'll be a short thread!.....
  10. Life in the R Signals is nicely summed up by Glad's post.

    There are some complete boneheads at senior managerial level in the R Signals who really believe that they are the lynch pin in fighting the baddies. They are very, very scary as they sincerely believe this. Blandford Camp is a strange place inhabited by people who have never served outside of Dorset/Wiltshire...the tractor beam will pull you back there every now and again to endure more torture.

    My advice - join the Royal Marines, leave after 3 years and go and get a proper job.

    PM Me if you want to know more.
  11. On those rare occasions when they actually managed to get it right - yes!
  12. Hey, Blandford is my home town and it isn't a strange.....................well ok it is a strange place but the views are nice. My dad was in the signals and he treked the globe, but that was 20 odd years ago.
  13. Gilgamesh,

    My post has been edited to accommodate your views.
  14. But Joe, you haven't changed it at...
    Oh wait, no. Now I get it.
    Signallers. Putting the "Bland" into Blandford.