Escorted Out...

Was standing about in the mall, bored to tears, waiting for stuff, when I spotted an " Adult " store.. they were having a sale on edible panties... various ' flavours' and styles.

I asked the sales clerk if the strawberry ones were made from organically grown berries..
I also wanted to know if they came in a ' low carb ' version or if she had a diet/lite alternative..I told her I was diabetic and didn't want to go into insulin shock while noshing on my love's goodies and did she have a nutrition guide to go with the ' chew toys ' ..

for a person who runs a wild sex shop, the salesclerk was very closed minded about customer wellbeing when using her ' products '..She called Mall Security after I demanded to know where the candied unmentionables were made as I didn't want to contribute to child labour exploitation if they were made in some third world sweatshop by impoverished kids, since the label on the box suggested a facility in an ' oriental ' location...

I was just getting worked up about informing the Import/Export Branch of the Food And Drug Inspection Unit at Health Canada when two rent-a-cops showed up and asked to acompany them to a private location to discuss matters further..

I was just being careful.. this could be a major public health issue...allergies.. food poisoning...improper pesticide use... hell ..there wasn't even a ' best before' date on the stuff...
Thanks for looking out for us, Rocketeer.

We need more public service minded folks like you!
Biscuits_AB said:
BBC likes edible underpants......well, edible anything really.
Like Buscuits
I suggest some old-fashioned pen to paper communication with her boss. I think it is in the public interest that the rest of us ARRSEs know what the company have to say for their reaction to an honest enquiry. Maybe they have a whole army of oriental slave girls making edible underwear for them. Who knows. You may have uncovered the biggest child exploitation ring in the Far East since that other one, you know, with the children and the exploitation.
Theres no mention of organically grown berries on the Strawberry Sundae Body Butter. :? Didnt contain Worcester sauce either, luckily.
Just to be on the safe side though, you guys should wear a health warning on your scrotum. This product contains nuts. :wink:
Ok, coat, my, and am getting :lol:
Oh, my.. oh. gee..

I'm rushing right out and buying.... stock in Everready and Duracell.. all those devices, all those battery sales!!!

saw a reprt of a company in the Us which makes anatomic models for medical purposes, hase branched out into a line of ' recreational models' [ male and female ]..

fully poseable, with -um - interchangeable parts,[ for personal customization and -er- variety; the females weight in at 70 pounds, the males at 96..cost is $ 12,000 US [ delivered ] and sales are ' quite nice , thank you,' justifying the product line....

losts of lonely, rich people out there apparently...

BTW.. they have no immediate plans to produce anatomically correct ' other species ' for similar recreational purposes .so no tie in to the other thread or Corps/ Ctauch's fantasy lives...

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