Escaping from the guardroom.

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by old_bloke, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Anyone got any 'true' tales ref the subject?

    As a starter for 10...

    22 Sigs 82/83 'Fred Flinstone' Cpl Tech went down for assaulting the Adj.

    He tried to floor him as, during an interview the Adj mentioned that Fred was spending too much time with his German bird but the wording was ... Well "she has a reputation as a bit of a camp follower".

    Fred went down for 4 weeks.

    Now the Guardroom amazingly enough was located by the front gate with the prisoners cells being at the back of the guardroom. All the prisoners had their own cell (with all their 1197) but had to wear coveralls all the time.

    Every night there was a Duty Officer and SNCO whose orders included a fire drill. With the eight guards not stagging on had to turn out, run to the right, away from the front gate and double and pick up fire wagon .One of the WWI wheeled trolleys. Then depending on how much of a chump the Duty Officer was , run up to the top of camp or just round the block.

    Well one 2nd Lt had got 24 on 24 off for some stupid reason. After a few days he was lazy and always had the guard out at the same time. Fred calls his bird, tells her when the break out is and to be at the front gate with the motor running.

    Two days later ...

    “Fire, Fire call out the guard”

    9 blokes in combats run out passed the RP staff. 8 turn right and there off... One bloke; last man out turns left, right out the gate into the car and he’s off….

    He turned himself in two weeks after and got a few months in Colchester and services no longer.

    Or the two gunners from 27 who got their mate out using a 4 tonner to rip out the cell window bars after returning from a night on the waz.

    Both true as well.
  2. Happened in 4 Regt AAC Detmold mid 80s. Trooper marched in in front of CO. for sum reason decided he'd had enough. Bopped the escourt pushed RSM out of way and jumped out the 2nd storey window.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Whilst in Omagh one of our lads on 28 days did a runner and managed to dodge everyone whilst wearing no2 dress, I heard a rumour he was picked up coming of the ferry at Stranraer.
  4. 17 Sport & Pastime at Marchwwod. 3 prisoners being marched back to the guardroom (coming back from scoff I think), hung a left and fcuked off out the front gate in different directions....poor RP bloke didn't know which way to go :) They got them back eventually!!
  5. surprised he hasn't been topped going through enemy territory in a No2 !8O
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Youre not the only one, Omagh town centre was pretty civilised during that time and he reportedly hid in the bogs at the bus station till the last bus to belfast kicked up and on he went. Dark you know! We had a few "characters" in our Bn to say the least.
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    2nd Fd RA in Munster, a certain Gnr pulled the bars off the toilet wall in the Gd Room, escaped got in his car drove to the Lancers gate and broke down.....The Gd Comd promptly called out the guard to give him a bump start, I believe he was caught in Gloucester. I never understood why we used to spend money on escorts and flights back to Munster and the same again 6 weeks later to Colchester
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was in Buller in Munster next door to 2 fd. Their nick wallahs always dressed really funny in shiny tin lids and CEFO for bass brooming the roads around camp. The Bone heads guardroom,eh, home of the sterling ND.
  9. Whilst I was on duty we had a soldier attempt to do a runner from our Guardroom on crutches ... wasn't the most successful escape bid I've ever seen, we even had time to finish our cup of tea before giving chase.
  10. Mansergh Barracks, Gutersloh....

    My mate Karl had been found drunk/asleep on some germans doorstep and was arrested by the German Police and taken to the Guardroom, when he got inside he awoke, lit a fag and sat their playing with his lighter which wouldnt of been much of a problem except for the young gunner sat next to him covered head to toe in petrol that had just tried to kill himself...

    Karl, still heavily drunk (this guy could drink a 1lt bollte of smirnoff like it was schweppes lemonade) didnt realise what was going on, took exception to being wrestled to the floor and having his lighter and fags taken off him, punched anyone that came near him, next morning he was kicked off camp by the RSM.... :twisted:
  11. Burlon Bks, Catterick '89-'90

    One Lad was picked up for been abbo, one of those silly w@nkers who no one really likes and the Bn could do without, Anyroad, Saturday afternoon hes just come back from scoff with RP in tow. The guardroom is the typical chaos (No early meals on a weekend) Cnuty chops nabs a Gat and mag. Loads up and starts waving this around the guardroom threatening everybody! hes off like the swastika after the duty wagon as his escape vehicle. The old Guard 2ic is having none of this bo11ocks and gives chase (With his loaded gat) clocks him buggering about near the saxon sheds, and shoots the fcuker. 15 rounds later old abbo boy is on the deck cribbing like a good 'un. When all was done and dusted he got two holes in him plus 5 years. 2ic got a well done, but go retake your PWT, as you only hit him with a ricochet.
  12. We had a few do runners out of Larkhill, one I remember the most was when my unit was on stag. Lad had been in for months waiting DCM and everyone had become accustom to him, and would even lock himself in, i.e slam the door, what they didn't know was he had done the old cardboard in the lock trick so the door didn't in fact lock. well a few hours later, the guard commander was getting some kip nad the tealeaf was ogging the TYV from the rec room door, this lad quietly opens up and toptoes past behind him, out the door and through the gate. Funny thing was he strolled past the gate guard waved and said "alirght mate" got a wave back and everything. Wasn't till he had gone did one on the gate think "hang on when did he get out?" went up and asked in the guardroom and all hell broke loose.

    Damage from this debacle, Lance Jack busted, guard commander fined and stripped of his LS&GC
  13. welly, he must have had nerves of steel to walk past the gate guard like that. Did the RMPs get him back in the end?
  14. Yeah he got caught, but this does remind me of another lad who went AWOL after NI and no-on saw him for years, one day, about 4 years later, he turns up on a Friday Night to hand himself in. Becuase he handed himself in the policy was not to lock him up but give him a bunk and tell him toturn up on Monday morning.

    After a weekend on the piss with the lads he promptly runs off never to be seen again
  15. We had a couple of guys desperate to get out. One of the blokes didn't turn up for work one morning. His Tp staffy went looking for him and found the guy in his room smoking a bob marley size reefer. The other guy asked to see the oc. When he got called in he started carressing the oc and saying he'd always liked him in a special way!