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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by RaiderDingo, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone seen the show and what do you think of it.

    For generations, the French Foreign Legion has been romanticised as a refuge for men seeking a second chance in life. But what is it really like? In Escape to the Legion, adventurer and explorer Bear Grylls sets off to find out with 11 other recruits who come from all walks of life.

    A disorderly band of men arrive at an ex-Legion fort in the Sahara Desert to attempt a month’s brutal training that promises to turn them in honorary members of the world’s toughest fighting force. Their journey will reveal as much about the men themselves as it does about the Foreign Legion.

    Find out where Bear Grylls got his inspiration from, hear from the recruits in their own words, and read what a psychologist has to say about their teamwork. If after all this you’re still tempted to seek out a new life with the Legion, you can read up on their background and make sure you are properly prepared before you go.
  2. If I join the Legion, can I choose a girl's name as my new identity?

    I like the name Mary-Jo.

  3. "Prior to the Everest Expedition, Bear spent three years with the British Special Air Service (21 SAS). What makes his story even more remarkable is that during this time he suffered a free-fall parachuting accident in Africa where ..."!
  4. In my humble opinion, Escape to the Legion was/is (is it still on?) crap viewing. If C4 want to waste more money on stuff like this they can come and film me beasting my neighbours around the street for a month. At least I'll scream and shout! The money would have been better spent on a month with the Legion, and not a few ex-NCOs and a few civvies who 'need to prove a point to themselves' for one month out of their whole lives. I think what disappointed me more then anything was the way they were treated. One lad is placed into a cell (with no lock) and once in a while this little yank bloke comes in and softly bolllocks the prisoner whilst pouring a bucket of water into each corner. What was that all about? I was expecting it to be thrown over the prisoner and the bucket to be used as a latrine! Lads Army is better viewing as at least the instructors scream, shout and push around chavs AND destroy the barrack rooms!
  5. So true about the editing the production didnt show enough of what its really like they concentrated to much on the ones that left and not enough of the Lads that were out doing like trainnig and learning skills and completing the skills learned. But beasting is in all armies around the world we use them in the US and in the Legion. And I am sure that they are used in the British Forces. What I did'nt scream enough? And we did destroy the barracks plenty of times, editing only chose to put in when Sutter did it. As for the cell with no lock , at the end of the its about Health and safety. And Channel 4 got to soft.
  6. Join the Legion and learn how to quack like a Duck ..... Comedy!
  7. I actually liked this. I have seen many things about the Legion and I had the advantage to serve with a fellow in the U.S. Coast Guard, who was a former member of the Legion. Yeah I understand that Bear Grylls couldnt show ALL of the things the legion did being these guys were NOT going to be in the real legion, so they just gave them a "taste" of what life is in the Legion. Personally, if I wasnt 32 and I was 22 and had the knowledge I know now, I think I would join the Legion. I have to admit, the American, who was a former Legioner and currently in the U.S. Army as an Airbourne Ranger, he was an annoying little sh*t, but I think the other NCOs were ok and did a great job.I think bear should reflect back to training in the SAS and do something familiar to this. its funny to read on the offical website, Bear recommends against joining the Legion and he just got a small taste of how training for the Legion is, how ironic, a former SAS member saying that about the Legion.
  8. The soft soaped the Buggers IMHO
  9. I was surprised there wasn't a token geordie/scouse NCO. I thought they were the backbone of the legion?!
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  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I thought Bad Lads was far better!Watching "Escape to the Legion" was only marginally better than watching that SAS;Desert thing with ya man O'Leary.
  11. Why would anyone want to go and fight FOR the French?
  12. Anyone remember 'Foreign Legion' back around 96?, Again it was on Channel 4. Great documentary.

    They were on excercise at French Guyana, They took 8 hours to get through a jungle assault course while the USMC took 2 Days!!!!!!!!!.

    Did see it on VHS somewhere, Hope it comes out on DVD.
  13. I spent some time on an exchange with 2 REP.The 'real' legion is quite different,from that suggested in the C4 film.Another poster refers to an older documentary showing jungle training in French Guyana.That was the real thing.Interestingly,after the Falklands there was quite an influx of Brits into The Legion.I met a number in Sarajevo,on the airfield there.A number were in recce/sniper positions.
  14. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    has mr grylls actually qualified for hi 'special' wings??