escape to the country,

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Davetheclown, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Hate this programme, bunch of pretentious twats being nosey and daydreaming,

    Not today the bird Magda is latvian 6 foot and absolutely stunning and her husband is punching above his weight, she is fit,
  2. Her husband looks like a midget!
  3. He must be loaded!
  4. It means **** all with out pictures!
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  5. He wont be loaded for long!!

  6. fair one, etc 3.jpg etc2.jpg etc1.jpg

    here is proof,

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  7. I watch this programme with a bit of a daydream, but for some strange reason today I kept trying to look up her skirt. she had no deportment though..walked like a man, the gangly cow.
  8. I watch this programme, look at the high ceilings, open areas and 19 bathrooms and just think the utility bills will be horrendous...
  9. Every time they mentioned high ceilings i kept thinking 'its on the BBC why hasn't that bit been edited out to avoid offending other midgets?'

    He must have a cock like a baby's arm clutching an apple.
  10. It's disgusting when blokes come on here and say stuff like that, as if to say women are such shallow creatures.

    Surely you meant he must have a cock like a baby's arm clutching an apple and be ******* minted?
  11. I have a picture of my wife and four kids in my wallet.

    It reminds me why there's no money in it.
  12. Nice face but appears to be severely lacking in the chest department, and she could probably beat me in a running race and possibly an arm wrestle.

    Probably wear the pants too.
  13. The programme follows an annoying script where they show 3 house, 1 over budget, 1 in the wrong area and the mystery house, which has none of the features requested.

    The final line is usually the couple need more time.