Escape & Evasion (Not SAS)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Wayfarer, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have an upcoming E&E package I'm being booked onto, haven't been issued any packing list or such yet but conversation with SPSI went as follows:

    You'll need an improvised weapon (ie. Pointy stick is what I took from that?), some useful bits of junk (ie. Old rubber, fishing line, crap like that I imagine) and some rags (By this he meant clothes!)

    All sounds a bit backwards to me, I've studied the SAS E&E endlessly and know that they basically get a button compass, boots with no laces and an old coat with no buttons on it and a kick in to look forward to.

    However not quite sure to expect of this, has anyone been on one of these things, I'm quite looking forward to it in honesty, just wandering wether its worth grabbing a mini survival tin or similar or whether its going to get taken off me.

    And before the AARSEHOLES point out, I've already read:

    Escape & Evasion - ARRSEpedia

    Interested to hear from anyone who's been on one of these.
  2. You can get the survival tin contents through your QM's department.

    Magnifying glass, pre tied fishing hook lures and the like.

    Ask and you shall receive - unless the QM staff are lazy belters.
  3. Hah, they are definitley Lazy Belters!
  4. Top tip - if you have issues breathing (normally hyperventilation) when hoodwinked use the floor (or the wall) to pull whatever they've put over your head as tight to your face as possible. If that makes sense?

    Last I heard E&E was conducted in coveralls.
  5. the RAF air-crew kits are genuinely good... wallet type jobs with a fair bit of decent gear

    ps **** the ray-mears bit and just keep moving
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  6. Escape & Evasion Kit 8465-99-135-5593


    6605-99-127-9239 Compass Magnetic, Unmounted. Brass case. 9/16 inch diameter 3/16 inch thick.

    4220-99-138-8693 Fishing Kit, Emergency. Comprising of plastic winder with 30 metres of 50 lb line, 12 hooks (8 medium / 4 small,) 10 / 15lb leaders, 24 split shot and 4 swivels (No10,) 4 flies (various,) size 6 hooks complete with 10lb leaders. Instruction sheet.

    8465-99-456-1354 Wire, Snare. Survival kit.

    8465-99-456-1347 Glass, Burning. Survival kit.

    DMC is A31
  7. That's the badgers.
  8. I'm going to tell you striaght, so pay attention.

    This will NOT be an escape and evasion like any others. It will just be an Escape and Evade with no perhaps a kicking but no pursuit.

    He's telling you do F off, but they don't want you back...

    Others are just getting redundancy but you are giving them a laugh too.
  9. I've read that 3 times, and I've still no idea what you're on about.
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  10. They are going to pretend to play hide and seek with him. He'll go and hide, but they won't be looking for him. Get it?
  11. Alcohol dependancy is a wicked curse.
  12. Yes I agree, you have my sympathy. But if you are determined you can beat it. Trying avoiding stress but keep busy and drink plenty of water...
  13. Nope :)
  14. Support groups advocate taking up a hobby whilst kicking the booze in order to deviate your thoughts away from alcohol.

    I have successfully done this by taking up heroin and crystal meth.
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  15. Best advice you'll get is direct from RAF St Mawgan SERE School. They are really helful, and all most of the bravado bullshit from Chicksands (former home of SERE) has gone now. The first week is pure teaching with weekend leave in Newquey, followed by a 2 week solid lick out. The annex on your joining instructions has a kit list and everthing you'll need in your tin. It's really nothing to worry about, the vast majority of baby RAF pilots (they will constantly get on your tits) pass it. Just lie back and think of England and you'll be fine.