Escape and Evasion Opportunity

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Jul 7, 2010.

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  1. If your an airsofter, walting cunt, or fancy sharpening up your E&E skills, simply cut this out - put it on - and run around Rothbury.

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  2. I could call friend Raoul an ugly cunt but given that he might pitch up in my back garden & shoot me next, I will refrain from actually calling the ugly cunt an ugly cunt until until after Mr Plod has shot the ugly cunt dead - By next Saturday probably.
  3. in fairness he seems to be really good at hide and seek...
  4. Yup he's hoping to steal Maddie McCann's title of British hide and seek champion

  5. In fairness, if you're going to build a bonfire in a remote area in the middle of the night and not get caught then it's more of a question of the seekers being ever so slightly inept than the hider being really good.
  6. My money is on the fact that he goes through the weekend and gets nabbed some time next week in a pub having a pint over the Scottish border by some community support officer!

    Obviously I would prefer it if our lads were given some realistic advance to contact training to give PC Plod a bit of reassurance!
  7. He looks like Auntie Stella before he became slimming champion, gwar freak!
  8. Heres hoping he keeps plod talking until midnight tonight - they can shoot the ugly cunt dead any time after that. Whats with the snarly faced plod pointing the taser then (BBC news tonight) - he looked a right plonker, mainly because of the snarly face, in amongst the grown up plods with the real firearms.
  9. Hmmm something your not telling us?

    BBC News - Gunman Raoul Moat kills himself after police stand-off
  10. Oh forgot this little gem by the automatic some very apt words ....lets go see Raul lets make a stand!
  11. The nasty men in blue put an end to the E and E course then.
  12. Fail...............
  13. Double ND apparently, he'll be on a charge once he's had his skull glued back together
  14. Dunno why Gazza turned up, English players are always shite at shoot outs.
  15. I reckon the only reason the fuzz didn't slot him themselves was to stick it out and clock up the overtime.