Escape and Evade- Close Call

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. So... there I am, at the Museum, doing some research for an upcoming trip to Egypt, when a bodacious babe enters the gallery where I'm sitting. she's got a sketch pad and a small case with her, so I figure her for an art student' on assignment ' or something. What caught my attention was the way her low cut top fit her like cling wrap.

    She stopped in front of an exhibit and began drawing. I figured I might see if I could take a peek at her accessories - er sketches - and casually strolled over. I realized I had 'violated' her personal space, despite my casual approach, when I saw she was eyeing the possible exits or looking for a patrolling 'rent-a-cop '.

    I figured I better the defuse the situation with some witty comment or placatory aside.

    Cue mouth before brain, as I channeled Jeff Daniels at his best " Dumb and Dumber " moment.
    ME: [ dumb ] " Nice Jugs "
    HER: " What?"
    ME: [ dumber] " Nice Jugs "
    HER:[ rising indigant ] " I Beg Your Pardon!?"
    ME:[ brain finally firing on all cylinders - pointing to display ]
    Amphorae, actually, Funerary tribute..Ptolemaic - 9th or 10th dynasty, If I'm not miskaten.
    HER: [ caught off guard ] Oh...
    ME: blabbing on about Alexander the Great, General Ptolemy, establishment of Dynasty..succession, Cleopatra..accuracy and skill of her drawings... etc. etc..

    Close Call averted. She actually gets interested, invites me for a coffee and a chance to see her ' etchings' ..


    Anyone else narrowly escape potential embarrassment, wrath or jail from ' Foot in Mouth ' moment?
  2. Classic mate, take yesterday off! :-D
  3. Big Sue, " I got raped once by a bloke from New Zealand. "

    Me, " Did he put up much of a struggle? "

    And I still popped it.
  4. Amphorae pictures please... :D

  5. One word. Bollox. Who in their right fcuking mind would go to a museum, see some bird with"nice jugs" and then pretend to say it about a couple of pieces of pottery. A true male would have said "Nice t1ts" and then said the jugs were sh1te. :wink:
  6. Mmmm,
    Visiting a museum,researching a trip to Egypt? A babe in a museum? Quoting poor filmscripts?

    You are Benny Hill,and I claim my £5.
  7. I had sex in a museum once.
  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Having sex with your mummy does not make it an egyptian experience, you know?

    Taxi? I think that deserves a bus...
  9. She was that old then.
  10. Not me but overheard at a VCP in MIddletown:-

    HIM: 'Hello madam do you take it in the mouth'? :D

    HER: 'I beg your pardon' 8O

    HIM: 'Sorry, have you just come from the south'? :p