Discussion in 'REME' started by mikazu_74, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. can anybody tell me the three principles of ES?
    got tasked with this question and i need to give an answer soon

  2. 1 - never give serviceable item back to the user to break it
  3. 2 - ES can always wait if you have important jobs going on like buffing brass and making speaker brackets, the ECI team will completely understand.
  4. 3- ES is clearly a REME responsibility, no need to bother busy people like grunts with it.
  5. If it can't be fixed first time try a bigger hammer
  6. whats ES is it like ET?
  7. And if the bigger hammer don,t work it's clearly an electrical fault!
  8. Is it
    Location Location Location?
    sounds just like it! :roll:
  9. Mikazu,

    No doubt you expected the type of answers given thus far :)

    However with my "spotter" head on I think there are 4:

    Repair Forward


    Echelons of ES

    Command and Control at every ES Echelon.

    Source is the Battlefield ES Doctrine Publication issued in Apr 08 AC 71877
  10. okimato,
    Well done, correct.
  11. BESD is available on the HQ DEME(A) Intranet web if you're being really keen!
  12. :D :D
  13. Sadly the Corps is publishing doctrine that it simply isn't using at the moment. Nice one Arborfield.
  14. Current ES doctrine reminds of that saying "the best laid plans of mice and men..."

    However - be glad that you have ES, Australia is yet to embrace ES and, IMHO, is poorer for it.
    They 'do' technical and non-technical maintenance but trying to actually perform ES effectively can be like herding cats sometimes :) - not that it's put me off being here - I still love it!