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Job Title: Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Lead
Type: Contract
Location: Iraq
Remuneration: Attractive
Required Residency of applicants:
Expiry Date: 12/11/2010




The overall responsibility is to supervise and coordinate the ERW Clearance Operations of the clearance contractor/s, the QA/QC contractor, and interface with SOC.


To provide a safe working environment to all staff and contractors working in the West Qurna Oil Field, by assurance that all work site areas have been cleared of all Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) to an acceptable standard consistent with international standards.


The ERW Lead undertakes the following core functions in conformance with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS):

· Roll-out and maintain the UXO program to support ongoing Client operations

· To implement effective UXO measures to protect people and assets at all locations

· Provide supervision of all in-field UXO activities by conducting regular UXO audits and reviews in relation to all areas of operations

· Will participate in daily briefings, planning meetings and necessary coordination with the Project Teams, SOC and other contractors to assure the necessary precautions are in place to provide a safe work place in regard to potential UXO threats

· Assess UXO risks and develop mitigation measures for all areas of operations and will lead Risk Assessment workshops on behalf of Client
· Ensure Geo-information integrity for all UXO data acquisition or positioning activities


· UXO Survey and Clearance operations as well as QA/QC for the West Qurna 1 field and other areas as directed by Client
· Responsibility for coordinating the management of the clearance and QA/QC contractors

· The role of the ERW Lead incorporates close liaison with crews, Client staff, SOC, and UXO detection personnel as well as the MoE and MoD. The role includes verification that Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are implemented in line with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) as well as applicable Iraqi regulations.

· Depending on the learnings from field activities additional staff may be required and mobilized

Special Challenges

The project challenge is significant in what is a dynamic environment both in terms of potential growth and in terms of the cultural, technical and social environment in which it will take place. The lead will need to adopt a pragmatic approach to the definition of this work and be prepared to manage a wide range of uncertainties;

· Managing the expectations of the in-field management team in terms of UXO policy, standards and procedures and clear understanding of scope of work and responsibilities of the UXO Contractors;

· Foster a culture of safe UXO practice, including mentoring, encouraging and leading the contractors;

· Safeguard Client integrity and reputation;

· Maintaining good regular liaison with relevant authorities in order to pre-warn the Management of future changes in legislation;

· Compliance with demanding schedules, adjusting to changing priorities

· Should learn (or speak) sufficient Arabic language to communicate with non-English speaking colleagues and contractors.

Additional comments

The ERW Lead will be based in Dubai with weekly travel to Iraq to perform the coordination and supervision of the UXO Contractors. As infrastructure facilities are increased in time, the position may transition to an Iraqi base.

Experience and Qualifications required

Position requires a Security professional with:

· A sound understanding of the technical aspects related to UXO/munitions, UXO search (including search technologies), UXO neutralisation and UXO awareness.

· Understanding of the transport, storage and use of explosives to international standards. Understanding of the application of International Mine Action Standards to a UXO environment.

· Three years of experience in the oil and gas industry in a variety of UXO related positions is preferred;

· Sound understanding of Risk Management, Risk Analysis and worksite safety is essential;

· Prior Military or Law Enforcement experience will be advantageous;

· Fluency in Arabic is a benefit;

· Working knowledge of Iraqi standards related to the transport, storage and use of explosives;

· Understanding of the application and use of databases and GIS within a UXO context;

Key Competences required

Advanced EOD Operator or similar experience based level

Improvised Explosive Device Disposal

Previous operational experience in Iraq

Task scene management

Military Bomb Disposal

Additional comments

Team member with good interpersonal skills and proven track record of being confident and self-motivated. Able to work across multiple projects largely unsupervised and deliver results within challenging deadlines and under pressure and ability to interact with senior management and regulatory agencies as required.


Required Skills for this vacancy :
Required qualifications for this vacancy:
Apprenticeship or equivalent
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