Errrr, hello.... TA and OTC?

My question exactly! I thought the OTC had their own board previously.

Has there been a change in moderator/s?

Or have we had another MoD style economy drive in reducing the number of boards?

Not impressed.
Having done a bit of digging, I see that Humph is now styled as Gash_Handlin. It would also appear that the whole of the OTC board has been imported into the TA board.

In my humble opinion it would appear that our regular colleagues are under the impression the the TA and the OTC are one and the same, and so can be lumped into the same board. I beg to differ.
Gash/Hunph are one in the same, it is just an anomoly of the board transfer that names all got changed back to the ones we registered with where they were later altered.
Well that's nice, and all that, but perhaps Gash/Humph would like to explain why. I mean, the OTC board was one of the busiest of late. And the TA likewise until quite recently.

Perhaps Sappers and RLC in preparation for the amalgamation would be nice. Or maybe...

Hold on I see scope for a new thread. Arrse amalgations?

Which two boards could be amalgamated.

The Naafi Bar and .........
They are best kept separate, different roles (remind me what was the war role of the OTC again), different people, different training, different life experiences.

...and before you slate me for this post, I am now a STAB and am ex OTC.

It wasn't a decision taken by H de T, but Good CO to amlgamate the boards. He is aware of the prevailing views pro tem.


Love the site but don't agree with amalgamation of TA & OTC Boards. Different strokes for different folks an all that. Horses an courses Blah blah blah.

P.S. Yesterday I was rated as a 'Disguntled SNCO'(quite liked that)
today I am a swinger wot happened? :?
Well I just thought I'd add my tuppence worth and throw my teddy in the corner about this merger of TA & OTC.

Being ex OTC and currently on a non military break before being a STAB I was under the impression that I was moving onto bigger and better things, if this forum merge is anything to go by I better prepare for another five years in the pool of reservist stagnation... fortunately I'm not that naive (I hope!).

The two entities are completely different... ARRSE headshed take note of the revolting masses and give us our separate areas back.

Viva le revolution....
Lots of nothing coming back from the shed, perhaps they have taken a leaf out of a New Labours book.

Come on guys, sort it out. Or if there is a valid reason give us it and if it makes sense that will probably be the end of the matter.

Incidentally I had 3 pints of beer to my name last week now I have just two gs medals. Punishing my dissent???? :wink:
Guess we should all just be grateful that the OTC crowds appear to be absent at the moment and aren't turing this dissent into a slanging match.
I would guess most of them are off on annual camp and away from their universities and free internet access for the short term.
The OTC's are about but your doing such a good job of giving the reason why the boards should be separate i was leaving you to it

Havent got another freebie (sorry military exe) till september how will I survive :wink:
Just logged on now after being away with OTC all week, to see the OTC board missing and lumped in with the STABs! And I can't seem to see a reason why.

Perhaps lack of moderators -- has Niteventure decided to emerge into the wider world of the Territorial Army?
NO I am still around and i have posted my reservations to the bosses. Have heard no reply as of yet so keep watching this channel. Am still a mod so you can throw abuse at me and i will pass it up the chain of command.
Consider abuse thrown.

Or in gunner speak should it be - "Abuse. Out."
Well here I was going to link to Arrse whilst re-building my old OTC's web presence but now I don't think I will due to:

1) it being harder to navigate past the TA posts to find exactly what I'm after.

2) my users like being classed as separate from the mainstream TA

3) the TA like being classed as separate from the OTC (the poll proves this)

4) my teddy being well and truely in the corner. :evil: :x

Nice to see the head shed wont take a hint and give us our own areas back.

Harrumph rhubarb rhubarb etc etc.

Viva le revolution...
There is a web presence as such at the moment but it is in a rather sorry state of affairs due to:
a) being constrained in function and layout by the Army Content Management System (ACMS)
b) being neglected after my moving to the smoke for bigger and better things (ie money & lifestyle).

As my teddy is still in the corner about the main issue of joint TA & OTC boards the domain's that I have just renewed will be lying dormant and the half-written code will still have all links to ARRSE disabled...

Oh it's not London UOTC despite my living here!

Viva le revolution.........

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