Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TABBER, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. been done in about 4 different threads today mate. learn to use search, please. they have all been amalgamated now.
  2. he probably wants to show the birds how its done.!!

    all he needs now is a pair of lips and a bean.

    or maybe he rekons if he gets caught by any of the enemy he will get a jolly good seeing to 8O

    why change to a women there are plenty of minting hags that look like that around!

    Taking drills literally :twisted:
  3. i was gonna do a caption comp but closed the idea after trouble with the pic

    sorry dude can anyone rid this shite for me:)sorry

    i didnt even keep the page open(i closed all the tabs and didnt even submit)??wierd

    did it:)
  4. What obligation does the Army have to fund such an operation? The Army is an employer. What civvy employer, even one with private health care as one of its perks, would be obliged to fork out for a similar operation?

    I thought that the infantry was male-only. Has "Deborah" put in for a transfer? And will the sex change involve a reduction in rank in view of the unusable skills?

    Live as a woman for a year? Will the tampons be presented as evidence?
  5. He can mutilate his body all he likes, he’ll never really be a woman so why should he have to leave the infantry?
  6. He's RLC
  7. I suppose the TRF gives it away. NoW gets it wrong twice in the same article.

    I wondered about the Bomb Disposal part.
  8. Now the AT's have one it won't be long before the Engineers follow.