I'm getting errors like this:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: message_die() in /net/www/arrse/www/html/db/db.php on line 88

In the Current Affairs forum, and was having trouble posting replies in the QMs & Kit forum. Presume server side scripting fault somewhere?
You and a handful of others !! Been going on for a few weeks now. You have to keep trying to submit by refreshing the page, or in the case of PMs, write the PM and copy it first before submitting it, in case you lose it.
Anyone with this problem care to let me know what:
1. OS and browser you are using?
2. ISP you are coming through?
Some digging has revealed that this error is caused when the script cannot connect to the database. The next question is to find whether:
a. All users get it occasionally in which case it is a server side error, or
b. Some users get it all the time in which case it is likely to be a configuration problem.
I've never experienced it some I'm guessing (b) unless anyone can correct me?
I'm on AOL 8 and 9 broadband, Internet Explorer 6, Win XP. Tinternet works perfect with any other websites except ARRSE. I've deleted all history, cookies and re-installed AOL on my laptop and upgraded that to version 9, and I stlll get the 'Sorry, this Module isn't active' error. Another example is the 'Post a reply' screen when commenting. Below the message body you have the 'Topic Review' window, which shows the other users comments to the thread. Mine shows the front page of ARRSE.
I occasionally get this error message, and have experienced it using NT, Windoze 2000 pro and even the mighty Mac OSX 3. Browsers including IE, Mozilla Firefox and Safari don't make any difference. Using a work network, broadband, AOL or dialup, it's all the same.
I just want to confirm what is going on here. As far as I can tell there are two seperate sets of errors:

1. The one reported by Owee
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: message_die() in /net/www/arrse/www/html/db/db.php on line 88

2. The one that Gunny Highway and others seem to be getting but that I cannot duplicate!!
Module not active

Has anyone else had (1)?
I have problem 1 occasionally, both using xp/ie6sp1 and windoze 2k with ie6sp1. I've had the problem using the work network and using t-online broadband.
Sorry I've come in to all this rather late, but the module not active error seems to be cured by deleting internet cached files (tools, options in IE). I think some people have ended up with cached pages from a short period when we may have caused problems while trialling shop software.

Don't know how much help that is as if you're reading this the site must work. I'm sure there are people who look at the site on more that one PC though.
Anyone still experiencing the "Sorry, this Module isn't active! [ Go Back ]" error and are on AOL (god, why did I sign for a further 12 months broadband, I need my head testing, seriously, testing I tells yer!!), just minimise your AOL window, locate Internet Explorer on your desktop or tool bar, open this and type in the arrse URL. IE works perfect without errors, unlike my 30 quid a month broadband supplier. Bolllocks.
I'm in the same boat as Gunny. If i try and access Arrse through my (also rather expensive) AOL broadband, i just get the "module isn't active" message.

Works fine if i access directly from IE though.

Very strange.
I'll try and look into this, but I'm not about to join AOL as I don't want my computer taken over by Connie and her hench-bots.

Change of plan. Am currently downloading AOL. They've already pissed me off by claiming that their 75MB install software will usually take less that 5 minutes to download "if you have broadband or Cable/DSL" (which they're trying to sell funnily enough) while about 3 hours on a 56k dial up. 5 minutes! My simple maths (and experience of a 1Mbps connection) tells me that home connections simply do not exist that allow this download in anything like that time.

In short: lying bastards.

Oh, you also get CD quality radio on their broadband. Riiiggghhhttt. Advertising standards phone number anyone?

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