Errors when pissed.


Last night, rather over the eight, I fell asleep on the train home and found myself about 40 km away from destination. Same sort of thing happened in my yoof, going for an introductory day with the RMP ( don't worry, didn't join! ;) ) when they were in Chichester...knock at the window of train, BR ( for it was then) chap in uniform. Where you going mate? Chichester. Well you've been through this station 3 times already...well, fuck, I'd come down from Jockland and was a bit tired....and emootional, as they say in Private Eye!


The majority of posts on ARRSE after 9pm on a Friday?


Woke up one morning after a session and apart from my hangover thought I was really ill because I didn't have the strength to sit up.
Took me about 10mins to realise I was inside the mattress cover.
Personally I always (before I learnt the wisdom of closing work emails) woke up in a cold sweat wondering if I'd called the boss a malingering sweaty cunt or not.

I stil manage it occasonally, same as once a year I wake up wondering why I'm in the exam hall having done no revision.
I often tell the missus to f off once I've drunk rather a lot
Buying a minging kebab on the way home. Bonus points for missing the train because of the delay!
How does that one end?
I get away with it because I'm drunk, besides she's normally saying something stupid because she's drunk that causes it


Drunken wrestling with a doss bag resulting in me kipping in me underwear with the bag inside out (cold and clammy) and me too pissed to zip it up or work out what was wrong. Nearly froze and woke up hungover to hell.


Woken up by Mrs Londo screaming " stop kicking me " My answer ... Sorry i thought you were a zombie did not go down well . Stupid drunken dream .

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