Error 522

Just had this error.

Capture error 522.jpg
Nah, they're just making a hash of it. Always happens late at night or first thing in the morning, maybe time to lay off the Asbach-Uralt or just alternate it with glasses of water.


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Its when we are doing our backup to NSA or GCHQ.


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Its when we are doing our backup to NSA or GCHQ.
Nice try but you can't hide the truth that it's when you're reading all the PMs.


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I thought ARRSE had been wiped ..
Everyone sit still!!!
Yep, intermittent probs between 1030 this AM to 1516, a mix of error codes, 520, 522, 523, 524 - all CloudFlare issues since these are not regular HTTP error codes. They seems to suggest the problem may be over-long headers - has ARRSE changed any cookie policies lately?

Or should I run off and find my tinfoil hat in case our dear PM has decided to start his internet purge with that dangerous bunch at ARRSE?
I apologise for the problems today. I believe I know what the problem is, it only happens on Sundays (software RAID resync cron job for those interested in these things) and I think it can be fixed with a small amount of money, and probably a short outage to get our hosts to upgrade the database server.
Can we not just start from scratch again? Been getting error 524, 522 and 521 all day!
Just got the site back after problems last night and today (tried to log in about 12.30)

edited to add;
Page loading is very slow


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I thought it would be either the Chinese, our own Govt, or a wild, shrieking shower of harpies from Mumsnet.
It's doing it again.

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