Erratic mouse, or is it me?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by WhiteHorse, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    My pointer opens applications and activated buttons when left on them, how do I disable this? Its driving me crazy..Grrr

    I have a HP laptop with XP

    Cheers in advance.

  2. Have you an external mouse or are you using the laptop?
  3. Are you using a TouchPad?

  4. This sounds like "Mouse Hover". Although I've not come across it in XP myself in XP media centre I've seen the same issue and people have complained with vista.

    Start > Control Panel > Folder Options - under the general tab look at the bottom panel "Click Items as follows".

    There might be an option to change it to "mouse over" in there and it needs changing back to double click.

    Look at these it seems to have the same problem as it's a Dell IBM feature -
  5. Its the inbuilt TouchPad. Whereever the pointer rest, bang 3 seconds later it activates...right pain in the Arrse!
  6. WhiteHorse. Try this (in their words not mine):

    Good Luck.

    PS Some bright spark also said the problem was something to do with tap zones. No, I haven't a fecking clue either.
  7. How olds the laptop?
    Is it still under warranty as sometimes it can be a faulty touch pad?
  8. I was wondering if you were going to reply, ok I have the same problem but only now and again, actually a bit erratic at the moment.

    I have put it down to static being passed when sliding my fingers across the pad after I have been walking around or doing other things :). Other people may pooh pooh that idea but I went down the road of looking at the mouse software options and it did not help.

    My solution was to wipe the mousepad over with a clean piece of damp cloth, dry off any residue of dampness and leave it a minute or two, problem solved!! Just be carefull not too damp.

  9. Have you tried feeding it a different cheese :wink:
  10. Tap Zones are in the Device Settings for the Synaptics MousePad, go Settings and you will get a new menu showing all the options plus info on the each option.