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Err..He Was Wearing an England Shirt

Interesting story from Sky. Mugger attempts to force boy to hand over mobile phone. Boy stands his ground, cracks the attempted mugger who then runs off. Two quotes in the story caught my eye:
Police said the man was wearing a red England away shirt with a number 6,7 or 8 on the front.
So that's going to be an easy one to identify then.

And then this:
A police spokesman said it was unlikely the boy, who has not been named, would be questioned on suspicion of assault.
So the innocent party, and a young lad to boot, who happened to break the mugger's nose during the attempted robbery can rest easy knowing the plod aren't going to do him.
England shirt and a balaclava, in a possible driving a ford escort with a spoiler in a possible drive by mugging?

Me thinks a chav must have run out of minutes!

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