Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OCJumpers, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Mebbe this is better placed in the Lonely Hearts but as I'm not after anything other than readership for my slighty-kinkier-than-average 800-odd word gland-to-hand-combat enhancement, I thought I'd post it here.

    I write porn. Won't win me the Nobel Prize for Literature, but enough who've read it say it's warmed them up nicely. Also I'm slightly pissed off as the one bloke who should have been *flattered* that I wrote some for him stuffed it in a pocket in his Bergan, and that'll probably only resurface whilst he's on Ex-something-or-other (no he's not the OH, just someone who inspires me to write).

    My questions are therefore these: want any personalised porn? Want examples? Happy to post if I can get away with the spell checker; if not will PM.

    Fate, the Muses and my own (twisted) sense of duty means that this humble imagination of mine seems best employed boosting the morale of Our Boys (and Girls ... I'm an equal opportunities fluff writer).

    That's it: over to youse.
  2. Porn?? Never touch the stuff, I am a Catherine Cookson man myself 8)
  3. "Love in the midst of destruction- a heartwarming tale of tenderness and compassion as a Catholic priest opens an orphanage for young children in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake"

    I did the hard work coming up with a title, take the ball and run with it.
  4. Y'know I'm almost tempted ...

    Leave it with me and I'll try to mangle something out by the end of the week. I'm surprised no-one's asked me for any examples. Perhaps you trusting lot think that anyone brave enough to say they do, is half-way decent.

    Perhaps you think I'm a Walt.

    Perhaps I should put my fingers where my mouth is (now that might getcha going).
  5. Sorry - am I in the right forum?

    Try thinking:

    Gimp Pits
    Plastic Sheeting
    Duct Tape
    Rubber impliments - various
    Hand-held video camera
    Internet connection
    Electo-genital stimulation device(s)
    Mother/Daughter combo who (used) to live "next door"
    Ex. GF or Wife
    Teenage daughter of MILF GF
    Mr. Muscle Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner

    You may not have noticed, but this forum is a little "light" on Mills-and-Boon content......
  6. I don't do Mills n Boon.

    I do do kinky.

    Fcuk it, I'm going to find something to post to demonstrate ...
  7. Genius

    By the time he's got his hand at the back of your neck, twisting your hair, controlling the movements of your head you've barely had time to think.

    On your knees, in the dust and the debris and last years leaves blown in from the north.

    The first thought that hits you is "how?" and the second? No the second doesn't arrive.

    His c0ck tastes familiar. His fingers are rough and now making your split ends split faster, coating them in alkaline juices dragged from your cnut. You can still feel his calluses inside you.

    He talked about duty beforehand. How it is important to respect duty and the chain of command and you nodded in the right places and said yes sir before you knew what duty meant.

    This isn't in the book of the Queen's Regulations, more's the pity.

    So down in the dust, amid the spiders and the silverbacks you do your duty, willingly, hungrily.

    You fight him a little. More for appearance's sake than for your own. You stop and look up at him and his breath hisses sharply as warmth is replaced by ice cold January air and he reaches down and finds your nipple, engorged and aching and twists it.

    Shocked, the O of your mouth is now plugged and filled with warmth and pulsing and so you begin again, listening out for the rhythm of his breathing and microgasps.

    You feel his climax approaching so you roll your dice and tug his balls and watch his head loll back as he is frustrated and sated in the same breath. Your mouth remains slick with your own saliva and his own brand of amuse-geule. This is too delicious, too too delightful to let him come too soon, but giving him a taste of what might be won't hurt.


    As his first shuddering bliss subsides he looks down and slightly puzzled. You answer his look with a microlick to the sweet spot just below his c0ckhead and he hisses. Control is an issue for you both. Who has what when, seems to be the main question, but for now ... for now ...

    He traces the line of your vagal nerve with one finger, and you gasp and he fills your mouth again, this time gripping the lip of your ear, pinching it to the same blush your mouth is gaining. He controls you with little tweaks with thumb and forefinger and the rest of his fingers steady your head, fingers deep in your ravaged hair.

    Your eyes are closing. You are becoming accustomed to this usage, to this placement, to his needs and his immediacy. The first bellow of his orgasm you feel before you hear it and you are shocked from your reverie; thunder before lightning. You are scared but somehow still comforted by his strong grip. He pours himself into you. He tastes like a mouthful of oysters and Vin des Sables. He tastes warm. He tastes comforting.

    You clean him with languid laps; feline and eyes half closing against the light against which he is a shadow man; invented, wished for. He pulls you up, half swooning with the rush of blood away from your head. You reach out to grasp the man before you, to steady you, ground you.

    You touch nothing but air and hope. The Genie back in the bottle, but his musk still lingers.


    nuff said?
  8. You are the Marquis de Sade & I claim my £5......... 8)
  9. That reads as though it should be the voiceover script for some perfume advert.
  10. Not bad. The fact that I've gone splut in my undies will have to stand by way of applause. One of my hands is busy right now.
  11. kinky is making love whilst using a feather for stimulation, perverted is fucking the chicken...
  12. No but I have stayed in the Chateau de Mazan where he grew up.

    *and* footed the 180-odd Euro bill for the privilege (believe me, on my wages that's masochism of the sort that would have most FinDommes creaming their knickers).
  13. I should say that that's positively tame by my standards.

    NB I only use the whole chicken if more than 3 are involved ....
  14. buk...buk...buk....buk....BUKKAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. How about a padre with no integrity and lacks moral courage, who is also friend of Dorothy, and his comeuppance at the hands of an AAC bowser-mong in a gimp mask wielding a 12" anal intruder and a jar of vaseline laced with sand?