Erotic Scents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by craign, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Not work safe:

    The smell of VULVA

    Germany, only second to Japan as a top producer of the world's weird sh&t... :D
  2. There is something fishy about this... ;)
  3. Although I can't understand why anyone would want to buy would be funny to coat someone in a full bottle whilst they are in an alcohol induced slumber. Do they deliver?
  4. Must be good it's censored here (Iran): دسترسي به اين سايت امکان پذير نمي باشد
  5. The model's none to shy about showing us her box !
  6. The same effect can be achieved far more cheaply with Scampi Fries.
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  7. I can't get to it...damn MoD netnazi.

    Is it edible?
  8. My Birds Vulva smells & tastes of what she's eaten, anything with Onions, garlic & asapragus gives it an unusual taste...yum
  9. On the add the russian mafia like bloke is sitting sniffing the stuff out of the bottle. But next to him are a couple of topless honeys. Of course he can smell fanny, its sitting right next to him. Like putting a shell to your ear whilst on the beach and announcing that you can hear the sea! Your on the fecking beach or course you can smell fanny!

    ooh err, pass me a kipper I fell all excited!

    PS Thought the Vulva was the new small car from Vauxhall?
  10. There's a sophisticated, classy, opulent, luxurious appearance to the website. :D

    I fancy the product ain't cheap? :omfg:

    I'm thinking it won't be the cheapest option to deter my puppy from putting his front paws on the toilet seat to get a sniff of my snatch. :roll:
  11. That statement has strangely given me the Horn... :wink:
  12. Have you considered washing your fetid festering gut-locker once in a while??
  13. Buggers have beaten me to it.....I was just about to apply for a patent for my tubs of knobcheese :roll:
  14. Hey, this shit is cheap at only £19!!
  15. Bovvy, given the fact that Mrs Willis is now well and truly off the scene. Is there any chance that I like your puppy could scamper up to the seat for a sniff?