Erm.....Islamabad anyone?

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by Goatman, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Not contemplating moving there, y'understand... but a friend of a friend (who knows the Prince of Wales) may have to visit [brief but enduring stretches] for work purposes.

    Yes he has heard of Daniel Pearl....yes , he has read the FCO advisory, he doesn't read either the Daily Mail or the National Enquirer and is not particularly sold on the Project for the New American Century ...he appreciates Arrse is probably the least sensible place to check for reality.

    Any sensible tips ( 'Don't go if you can avoid it' is a given) from people who have either visited or lived there in the last 2 years would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    ' Thanks for dropping by San Diego '
  2. If you're looking for a good pissup, the UN has it covered, as usual.

    "Believe it or not, if you're part of the international community, there is no problem finding alcohol ... the UN club is one possibility...
    You can drink till you drop! The bar has an Irish theme to it... nice new pool, gym which turns into a dance floor, pool table. In short, a family affair as well...

    Dress Code: Depends on the night - Friday's is international night so dress up...

    Address: Next to Super Market in Sector F-6 on Hill Road".

    The trouble is, as with all UN clubs, most of the other guests will score high marks on the ****** Index, due to their earnestness and self-importance.
  3. Taxila is a must-see if he/she's into archeology!
  4. The clue is in the name...Islam-is-bad...;)

    And on a serious note, a training company I worked for has just pulled all of its Western (ok..white) training staff out of Pakistan as the Life Assurance company said they would not pay out if something happened to a staff member.

    I think when reckless companies like the one i worked for are getting twitchy, then I would be not going...simples.
  5. Haven't been there for a while but when I was there, get an alcohol license (the Embassy, Hotel will tell you how), it's not difficult and get yer booze from the Embassy. Keep it in yer safe in yer hotel room or the entire hotel staff will come to your room asking for a slug of "medicinal" alcohol.

    And for Allah's sake do not accept a drink of water at the airport fire station. They have all the gear for water purification but no kieselguhr for the filters.
  6. What is the obsession with Irish themed pubs in every country that isn't Ireland or GB?
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  7. There was one in Kabul, until the Pashtuns noticed it and robed the rusty old bicycle off the wall.

    My favourite Irish Themed Pub, though, is in Belfast. It's just to the left of the Crown as you look across the road from the Europa.
  8. O'Kim's in Seoul was pretty special, although I was saddened to find the "Irish Pub" in Banja Luka just had a Guinness ad outside.
  9. Hot Spot has the best Ice Cream in South Asia, The brunch at the Serena is devine and when I was there last it was DVD / Xbox and PS3 haven. There isn't much to do though, so the investment in some home entertainment is bound to yield good results. Some decent restaurants and I found a reasonable tailor too. I hung out with other expats and locals and we did some good shooting and other 'stuff' over in 'Pindi.

    Margalla hills are a short drive away and I loved to drive out to Taxila and venture into NWFP. It really depends on the gig your are getting, but it is very boring. I'd go back to KHI in flash, but ISB always was bit of a drag tbh.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm, thanks for that....I think he aims to sound as unlike an American as possible whenever he opens his mouth...
  11. And we wonder why the locals like to park a Corolla full of punishment outside our compounds.
  12. Tell him to have a month or 2 in Bradford for aclimatising.Sorry if this sounds racist but i must get back on the street to fill one of my less fortunate laggers in.
  13. I think you'll find that unlike Bradford there is little understanding for a buch of white blokes in Islamabad who pick up local street children & send them round their friends to be systematically raped. The Islamabad police will not be unwilling to investigate at the risk of upsetting the local Christian community...
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  14. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Plume, you are the current holder of the ' Rabbit Hole Diversion ' award. Sterling effort that man.

    Thanks also to those who responded with useful stuff - will pass along verbatim and see what occurs.
  15. I used to get a lot of fake cigarette seizures from Dubai when I was a proper cuzzie.

    My boss, idle funny handshake-big timing ****** of epic proportions wanted to get an official trip to Dubai to investigate this heinous crime.

    I was obliquely consulted and presumably expected to endorse this nonsense, so I did.

    But I insisted that actually he go further than Dubai, as the smugglers merely transited there from Islamabad, and thats where the source of this 'serious' crime actually was.

    The idle funny handshaking big timing ****** went off the idea rather suddenly and didn't get his Dubai duty free shopping trip courtesy of the taxpayer.