Eric The Goat from Longkesh


When I was in the Corps, WAAY back in t'seventies, I did two short tours in NI. Both of these tours were based at Longkesh ( The Maze, for those who can't remember )

There was a herd of goats that used to wander all over the camp, led by a right viscious billy we called "Eric".

What happened to him ?

And there was Eric the trout, as well, in the "pond" outside the Squadron bar. What about him ?

The reason I'm asking is that recently on TV, I watched a programme about the Maze, and it's empty !! Deserted, with open gates and desolation everywhere. Although the prison blocks themselves ( the infamous "H" blocks ) are still there, and manned if I heard correctly, ready for use if needed.

So, Eric the goat, where is him?
Remember reading a article around 76 / 77 time and seem to recall Op Capricorn..a full Squadron (662 if memory serves correct), round up operation to capture Eric the Goat and his Harem.

Full riot gear required (all personnel had it issued - secondary standby role of Avn unit in Long Kesh as I recall), as Eric did not go  without a fight by all accounts.

Do not recall him being turned into Curry...besides Paras are partial to quiche..they were all shipped off to some local animal sancturary near Hillsborough I believe.

Never mind the trout in the EWS..what about the Trouts that turned up for the Thurs Night Disco in the Kesh Bar.. :eek: Now THAT was a decent NI Tour !!!!! :p :p


Yeah, that sounds like the Eric I remember. :D

I'm not so sure he would've made a very nice curry, (maybe his nads, but even they were questionable !) But his wives & kids now  .  .  .  .  .  .  :-*

Disco's on Thursday night's ? Twice a week, I'm sure, and we had to go out in a "Q" van to pick the dogs up. And disco's ( GOD ! Disco's !!! ) somewhere on the camp every night. Do I miss it ? That, NO !!!  :)

I only knew one Para while I was in, an' we didn't get on. 'Nuff sed !! :-X