Eric Joyce - The gift that keeps on giving.....

Anyone remember what he was like when he was serving?Hard to believe how he has ended up.
Yes. Did a longish course with it at the end of the ‘80s.
Horrible little man, a dreadful combination of chippy ex-ranker, whining ‘I know my rights’ Jock with small mans disease, with more than a whiff of the ‘everyone is entitled to my opinion’ stance.
No discernible chums, even the other Schoolies avoided him. And, I don’t recall him ever gracing the ‘10 to 10’ club in the bar, which is perhaps surprising given his later behaviour.
Was that the officer and a lady who was flashing her gash in 'Mayfair' Magazine. The squaddies favourite **** mag of the seventies and eighties?
One day I shall do an audit of the number of times on here I have posted the words "Bobbie Platt-Higgins",

You will more likely find photos of her in her glory[?] gash-flashing days, by searching on here than on t'interweb, becaues (or so I suspect) , on this side of the turn of the century, she ran as a candidate for local council (Tory, IIRC) and the Fun Police tracked down her Mayfair set and chopped her candidacy off at the shins.

Since then, I theorise, she has energetically exercised her right to be forgotten.

Follow through though, should you wish. She was moderately pretty in a 'young blonde WRAC duty officer goes bra-less' kinda way, back in the day. Lately she's mousy late middle-aged puffa jacketed Surrey hausfrau.

Takes all sorts ^~

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