Eric Joyce resigns as PPS to Bob Ainsworth apparently...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Paragon, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Something big and smelly must be about to hit the fan.
  2. Blatant move to position himself for leadership bid in due course.
  3. So he has at last got off his belly on to his knees. Does he have any bases in his constituency? is he looking to shore up his vote by now loving the Forces again after his antics before being 'elected' as a trough dweller.

  4. Good point, there be defence cuts in the wind and could one of those cuts be on his doorstep?
  5. On the BBC news site too Linky]

    Minister quits over Afghanistan

    A ministerial aide to the defence secretary has resigned, criticising the government's strategy in Afghanistan.

    Labour MP Eric Joyce said the UK could no longer justify the growing casualty toll in Afghanistan by saying the war would prevent terrorism back home.

    Mr Joyce, parliamentary private secretary to Bob Ainsworth, also said the government was failing to empathise with the military.

    Ministers have faced claims that forces are under-equipped but deny this.

  6. Only a TA centre in this area and thats not in his constituency.
  7. Wish I could remember the controversy Joyce caused even before he left the Army.
  8. Given he's got a near-14,000 majority and is running against the SNP he neither needs nor wants Forces support. No-one in their right mind would consider him a leadership contender either.

    His election to Parliament though (and his suspension prior to that etc.) remains highly dubious.

    The politics of it were very dubious. Having said that, public school snobbery in elements of the officer corps? Never!
  10. Was not the reason he resigned from the Army before being Court Martialed for breaking a direct order not to speak to the media, about officers versus ORs and class prejudice. very politically motivated at the time about 1997 or 2003
  11. Dementia kicking in ?
  12. Timing of this for broon couldnt be much worse. Coming back from his hols he expected a clean slate to start a run at an election ... and he walks straight into the Libyan disaster, the corrupt election in afghanistan and final proof from his own side that the covenant is well and truly flushed round the U bend.
    A lessor cnut would jack it in but broon is a world class cnut and will continue to stick it out.
  13. Just a mo, isn't Eric Joyce under investigation for evading Capital Gains Tax?

    Charges in the air maybe?