Eric Joyce discovers his conscience

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. MP Eric Joyce has come out against the government about the outragious antics of jobsworth MOD bureaucrats, or is he just another New Labour ratlike flunky jumping off the Titanic ? in hope saving some kind of future political career after the demise of Cyclops Broon
  2. This is the tw@ who just last week was saying it was very important for the gubmint to go ahead with the appeal.

    2 faced money grabbing sleazy git.
  3. Yes,I know, just call me a sad Cynic
  4. If that's true,you can call me one too-agree totally. :x
  5. Sorry, I can't do a link, but it's all over this morning's BBC
  6. End MoD payouts appeal, says aide

    I debated this on BBC with Mr Joyce on the morning of the appeal, and while regretting the "awful timing" he was loyally putting the Government's side of the story.

    I said the decision to pursue an appeal on that particular issue was "impossible to justify". I also called for the scheduled review of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme to be brought forward (which the government then agreed), and for the review to be independent (the announcement only mentioned "consulting stakeholders").

    As Eric Joyce is Bob Ainsworth's PPS, in normal times you would read this as a signal that the MoD is now prepared to accept, as part of the review, that complications resulting from the original injury can be taken into account in the lump sum element of compensation.
  7. Why did that remind me of the sequence where Private Eye's "Agent Orange" took Dan Quayle out on a trip when GB (senior) had his health problems? It seems dangerously close to a position of power for Maj (sacked) Joyce.

    Still, I suppose that as competence, commitment and character are simply unavailable in the PLP, "loyalty" (i.e. sustained arrse-licking) is what gets rewarded. I appreciate that I am being overly cynical, as usual, but the cretin is my MP.
  8. Weasel words... Tardy actions...This say it all to me that it is about saving there own seats and hands on the reins of power and nothing else

    'Moral call'

    He added that politicians should "recognise that while the public will give us a lot of rope at times, where we get the moral call profoundly wrong on a matter of how we treat our astonishingly brave service personnel, we'll find ourselves dangling at the end of it".

    I do hope they drop the appeal not least for the money that appeal is no doubt being spaffed on the curtains, in a morally reprehensible act!
  9. Looks and sounds like a complete arres likking,, thieving, New Labour cnut who crawled his way into Sandhurst
  11. Good for him for at last speaking out.
    Should have doneit a lot earliar on a lot more subjects but fair play to him for standing up now.

    And I fervently hope he is proven right on the rope comment.
  12. Nope. No way. He's being used to signal the official U-turn. No conscience whatsoever in that man.
  13. Im with 'Idrach' on this they have realised they have made another stunningly bad decision that doesn't sit well with much of the country...

    I truly hope they do withdraw the appeal but i have no doubt it is for any other reason than to serve labour hope to not be voted out.
  14. It may show you that there are depths than even such as he will not sink to.

    But Idrach makes a very valid point.