Ergo rowing charts

Does anyone have a copy of the conversion chart that gives a rating, A,B,C etc for ergo times compared to weight? A random one I know.
Hi i don't have the charts, but i can tell what i know from my own experience(these times are for a 2k)

7:00 is the general benchmark for men you should be able to pull this if you weigh over 75kg

6:45 this would be good time for a ligther guy say between 70Kg and 83Kg

6:30 this is a good time for a 83kg to a 90Kg man

6:20 good time for 90+Kg also the time that you need to pull to start trials for GB under 23

6:10 very good all weights. The time you need to pull to start trials for the senior GB squad

6:00 impressive

5:42 round about world record time

hope that helps sorry i couldnt of been of more assistance.

All a bit heady for me!! But thanks. I'm just getting back into club rowing after quite a long break. Hopefully a month of serious training should get me down to around 7min, but at uni I was always a B- sort of guy!
its alrite, dont worry to much bout ergo times itll soon come down just make sure you put the work in on the water thats were it counts. Which uni did you row at?
Ah im there at the moment we've had a cracking year this year. Reached the highest postion ever in horr(well the unoffical scores) and won more medals at busa than ever.
Not quite it but interesting nevertheless thanks, I think coaches would understand it properly!! I was after slightly more janet and john approach (that would not give me excuse of misunderstanding it!!)

mb43, just looked at boat club site, its glossier and more organised than before, which I guess is being returned in results. Glad Brad still about.
anyone know what the Army RC 2k erg record is?

I'm guessing it isn't as good as the Navy's but must be sub 6?

Weight Adjustment Calculator

That link is easier to use than the weight/age/sex adjustment table, you just stick the figures in and click calculate and it does it all for you.

Anyone here in the Army RC? I'm hoping to join up and would love to continue rowing and I'm just wondering what it's like.

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