Tents that is you filthy minded buggers!!!

I have to put up an 18 x 24 tent today. The last one I put up was as a tom a long time ago. Faced with doing it in front of a load of civvies and no good full screw around to bale me out, I dont want to make an arrse of myself!

I am happy with the general idea: frame first, canvas on, jack up and attach legs but.....

Question: The short poles. Do they form part of the roof structure or the sides!

The assembled knowledge of the erectors of arrse arise!!!

Many thanks.



The short poles go in the roof, assemble the roof first, then drag the canvas over the roof and into place. Then lift one side of the tent and place the legs on (the more people that help here the better!) before then raising the other side of the tent and placing the remaining legs on. Finally pull down the walls and attempt to make it look good.


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Lay out the frame first, it should be obvious which bits go where, then dazzle said civvies with your expert knowledge
And don't forget, once up, you then have to move it 3 inches to the left :)
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