Erebis ATP Camouflage - a closer match to MTP than MTP (read on...)

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by This_Tribe_Rob, May 15, 2013.

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  1. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    More camouflage news - we've just received a sample of Erebis ATP - a very close match to MTP and lower priced than Multicam and Vista ATP. This opens the door to non-issue virtually-identical-to-MTP clothing and equipment.

    Erebis is new, with a limited range of fabrics and only a few manufacturers have started production with it, but that will quickly change as more fabric types become available.

    The title - "a closer match to MTP than MTP"? Have a look at the photos below and you'll see what I'm talking about. In our quick test, the Erebis 1100 dernier fabric sample is a closer match to the MTP field jacket than the issue MTP daysack.

    For more info see our blog post



    We'll put out more news about products and the available fabrics when we have it.
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  2. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    True. It's no great news that there is MTP and MTP. The daysack is clearly lighter regardless of the webbing. The point is really that you wouldn't get told not to use the daysack because it doesn't match the field jacket. The Erebis is an even better match so this does mean that manufacturers can produce non-issue products than no-one can object to. Vista ATP is pretty close, and Multicam is of course a good match, all be it with different shapes, but you can see the difference.

    I should add that Erebis is from an MoD contractor that was involved in the development of MTP - Cortman textiles, so IRR tuning and the rest of the technical stuff is all good.
  3. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    New-ish and very little used. Certainly not enough to cause fading.
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  4. Any chance of knocking up the old style jungle trousers in it?
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  5. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    Not yet and not us - this is interest only for the time being. I think Dragon supplies and another couple of smallish manufacturers have some Erebis, but so far it's only available in heavyweight fabric. More will come.
  6. When it arrives in Lightweight I'd love the old Arctic Windproof to be made in it.
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  7. Apparently New MTP sas smock available through the system. When I work out how to get one I'll pass it on.
  8. Join the SAS?
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