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Discussion in 'Officers' started by The_Phantom, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got some suggestions for a 'test' that the SNCOs must complete before entering the offrs' mess for drinky-poos. (Not a spelling test!)

    Recent successes have included gymnastic leaps and springs off a gym horse and a bush-tucker trail (meal worms and locusts..yummy)

    Please nothing to cringeworthy or excessively violent. It will be held in a v. small mess wthat only holds two sub-units so numbers aren't that high.

    Cheers - Phantom
  3. Guilty m'lud
  4. I know this is a wah, but can't restrain myself from pointing out that if any of the gentlemen appointed to commissions in Her Majesty's Land Forces had tried that particular number on any, any of the RSMs under whose Presidency I had the honour to be a member of the Sergeants' Mess, there would definitely have been tears before bed time and a startling lack of invitations to the grown-ups' Mess come Christmas.
  5. Hey what about letting all your car tyres down if you don't let them in
    as is traditional.
    Or maybe sticking dog doo-doo up all your exhaust pipes and Offr Mess
    ventilation ducts.
    What about subscribing all the Offrs Mess to all the porno and deviant
    mags giving your CO's address out as POC.
    How many taxi's can visit in one YEAR.
    Did you know your home addresses are readily available in your Unit.
    Pizzas, Chinese, Kissograms for the rest of your tour.
    Can you see where I am coming from.
    Have a good drinky-poos with no strings.
  6. Although visits to the WOs' and Sgts' Mess by officers usually entails some sort of test, why not just let these guys into the Officers' Mess with a hearty handshake, and a thank you for all the efforts they make to stop officers looking like absolute tw*ts.

    It's not a competition. Buy them beers, listen to their advice, and kick them out before dawn.
  7. I used to laugh at the "Have a drink" and being directed to a table with glasses of beer - by that time flat and warm - whilst the bar served up G & T for the hosts. When my time came to run the Sgts' Mess I kept a keen eye out for this sort of thing and acted accordingly
  8. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Its shocking this time of year, come to the Offrs Mess for drinks and have to leave by a certain time, yet when the offer is reversed all the sproggy Offrs think its their god given right to stay in the Sgts Mess all day long
  9. What is the Offrs Mess in your unit up to? I would be appalled if any of my offrs were to ask any Sgts Mess members to leave at a given time. I would expect them to entertain the Sgts Mess members until the last man has gone home and if that means drinking until 0530 hrs the next morning then good lads!
  10. I always found that cracking out a couple of carols before entry to the Mess was a worthy event. If any sort of silly effort at embarrasing the Seniors was undertook, I would ensure that my thefts of Officers Mess property later in the day would not be returned the next morning. And the Rugby would be engaged with extra tenacity.