Equpment artificially faded.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rw.veter, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Hello.

    First of all I have to apologize for my bad English.

    I have noticed that British PLCE parts are often badly faded. And its looks like those PLCE parts are artificially faded. As I can understand, it can be described as "gucci".
    Correct me if I`m wrong.
    Is anyone can explain how it was done? Without damaging cordura.
  2. Bit of a random first post.

    Use is a good way, and getting the kit dirty and not washing the mud off very often if at all. You could leave the items wou wanted to fade out side for a while but I don't know how the stitching would hold up to constantly being outside for weeks at a time.

    Why the interest?
  3. Lots of sunlight (hard with the current weather ,may be 24hrs on a sunbed ) will fade the colour but will probably deteriorate the cordura also
  4. Get it dirty once then put it in your bergan for 6-18months depending on how far apart your WHT and Range MATTS are appart :mad:
  5. I found that 6 months of being sand blasted in Iraq and then another 6 months of summer tour the ghan have given my webbing the distressed look you are aiming for.
  6. I'm creating my ghillie suit and will soon be complete, people reccomend buryign it? How logn for would be reccomended to give it that dirty look? And should i make sure the groudn is dry?
  7. Don't bother, the cadets don't do a sniper course and that's the only place of any use to a sniper suit. Anywhere else they just get in the way, get caught on stuff, and make you look a berk.

    If you want to look 'ally as fook', stop worrying about SAS smocks and gucci webbing and gillie suits, and instead just concentrate on making sure the kit you do have is in decent order, have a shave and a haircut, and your beret is shaped properly. Most of being 'ally as fook' is about not acting like a complete chopper which at the moment you seem to be in danger of.
  8. put it in a bag, with some dirty stones and mud, seal the bag and kick it around for a few days, the more you kick it the more 'distressed' the fabric will look.

  9. I get my blokes to **** all over me whilst i'm wearing my webbing. I then rub it in nice and slowly which bleaches it.
  10. That's nothing. I get mine to cleaveland steamer my smock until it gets the 'crawled in mud a lot' look.
  11. We often do whats known, to us anyway, as a "sniper stalk" it is a large cam and concealment excersise where alot of cadets use ghillie suits.

    I was interested in the SAS smock not to look ally just to wonder what the actual benefits are. I am clean shaven and have a hair cut, the shape of my beret is fine according to almost every adult i speak to, my detachment commander (ex CSM 2 Para NI) is fine with it.

    I'm not mouthing off i'm just trying to justify myself.
    Thanks, i'll give it a go
  12. ;D maybe... but i think it was on a website.
  13. FFS is the OP a bite?

    Use you kit, thats how you get that worn look.

    WHy would you want to speed up the process.........Aah because you are a ******* sprog who wants to look the biz and BTDTGTT
  14. I recently purchased a new pair of Altbergs. Being box-fresh, I found that a distressed look could be easily achieved by using teabags to stain the uppers and a rub over with 180 grade wet & dry. Liberal erosion of the soles can be achieved by a light pressure on a suitable grinding wheel, though one must be careful not to apply too much pressure, as the grinding surface soon becomes clogged with burnt rubber.