Equivalent to what!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mollzers, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone explain to me how this so called 'civil service' rank equivalent thing works as it makes no sense to me!!

    I will explain!

    Previously I have had a civvy instructor announce that because he is a civvy instructor of certain grade he is of an equivalent rank of captain!! I thanked him for his concern and shrewdly pointed out that he was in fact 'just a civvy' to me!

    It seems all these type of people have the equivalent rank of captains & majors, I have never had a civvy announce that he was the equivalent rank of lance jack or private! Why is this?? surely they must start from the bottom as well???

    Is it just to further inflate their ego's or does it have any relevence at all?? If some civvy starts gobbing off that he is the same as a captain I am not sure what he is actualy trying to gain except making himself out to be a knobber!

    Is it a pay thing? I will soon be making the transition from junior to senior for which her majesty kindly rewards me with over 30k per annum. This equivalent pay rate for a civvy should obviously make him a fullscrew too shouldnt it???? so where this captain b0llox comes from i dont know!!!!

    Any enlightenment would be appreciated!!!

    regards!!! mollzers!!!!

    ps. I only hate civvies because they deserve it!!!(not you mum!!)
  2. My ex girlfriend used to love the fact that as a teacher working for the MOD she had the rank of Capt.

    I dumped her.
  3. Ask him if he's equivalent to a Captain, why he gets paid less than a Full Screw, shuts all of them up. I think the Army just give them the equivalency thing to stop p*ssed of Tech Upgraders from headbutting them into oblivion after 2 hours of copying word for word off the board (guess what I did all afternoon today?)
  4. my missus is a nurse and shes forever gobbing off that were she to join she would be a captain. when i told her she still would have to get her fat carcus around a bft circuit twice a year she told me she wouldn't lower herself to joining the army anyway. Stuck up bint still waits on me hand and foot and cleans my sick up when i come home leathered
  5. My missus is an ex-squaddie, and now a civil servant.
    It basically breaks down thus, they are given 'grades' which equate to:

    E2 - Junior Rank (starting at £10995 pa)
    E1 - Sgt/SSgt (starting at £13000 pa)
    D - Junior Officer (around about £15000 pa)
    C - Captain and above (not got a clue)
    It continues in the same vein, they get pay progressions like we do, with additional work related bonuses.

    According to my missus these comparisons are only 'loose' and mainly for accomodation and messing purposes. (The link posted by ibilola states that an E1 is 2nd Lt, but Mrs. Wobbly is an E1 and is only allowed to use the Sgts mess.)
    They don't actually hold any 'rank' over us, its purely so the MOD can fill relevant slots with the relevant people. However civvy instructors do have the authority to request disciplinary action if needed.
    Pays sh!t though.
  6. Mollzers - I think I can help...the clue is in the title.... it is not equivalence...merely an entitlement i.e. a C grade is NOT equvalent to a half colonel and should be spanked down if they try to big it up!!

    However..... beware if they are (OK) blokes (Lasses) (and harder than you !) pay the correct compliments ...by the sounds of it you are a Wooos anyway and deserve all the tramping on !!!!

  7. My wife's the leave clerk and she's been told that she's the equivalent to a captain by the civil service!
  8. The equivalents have been created for two purposes, the main for putting the right level of service personnel into a civilian environment (and vice versa) and second, to ensure a lower grade snotty nosed oink doesn't get billeted in the officers mess and on the Generals table.

    Out in the Gulf, even though my equivalency is that of a Major it cuts no ice and I never expected it to. The only rub is that when the Ruperts are around they expect the NCO's to show respect ... a load of bollocks. If you act like a prat you should expect to be called a prat.
  9. Just a thought, but arn't the majority of civy instructors who teach you guys ex military, so probably wearing the rank they acctually left the service with! Therefore deserving of some respect!


  10. Only one or two!

    I do know of one who was a full screw, T1 failure, and now supposedly teaches maths (the subject they failed) to T1's

    Quite ironic realy! obviously one of the first to announce captaincy!!!!!!!
  11. When in Germany my wife was a Civilian Nursing Sister with C1 equivalency of Major. Outside of work she was happy to accompany me to the Sargent's Mess, but during duty hours used the Officers Mess if the need arose. This dual usage was in fact questioned by one of the QA Sisters and was judged to be within reasonable limits.

    We had our share of Civies who used to moan that they should be allowed the use of the Officers Mess, We just told them if our mess was not good enough for them, to smeg off and leave it to those who did enjoy the facilities. Never heard a peep out of them after that!

    Within the UK I do not feel that the social need for Sargent's/Officers Mess usage is as great as it is overseas, but in the case of training units in particular, I feel that respect should be given to civilian instructors, and the use of messes during the day be extended to create that respect.

    My better half informs me she was C1 Grade in Germany! Not that it made any differance....
  12. Back when I was a kid in germany I left school and started working for the RAOC (Anyone rememeber them) The job I filled as a spotty 18 yr old was equivelant to a Sgt/SSgt ... lol .. my dad was a SSgt at the time !!

    There equivelant rank means nothing !!
  13. I do! and agree with what you say! (See above)
  14. The girl who orders the printer consumables and stationary in our setup is a Capt equivilant. And there is talk of replacing one of our full screws with a C grade. Theres only the odd one who thinks its more than a messing status.