Equipments we had.

Discussion in 'REME' started by craftsmanx, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I was just thinking what equipments did our LAD maintain. And how many of us were there
    I was with a Fld Regt with 25 pdrs.
    4 gun batteries each had
    6 25 pdrs
    6 Bedford gun tractors
    4 GS Land Rover
    4 FFW Land Rover
    2 FFW Austin 1 Ton
    2 GS Austin 1 Ton
    4 GS Bedford 3 Ton

    Each Battery had 2xVM and 2x Gunfitters

    HQ Battery
    about 4 Land Rover
    2 Austin 1 ton FFW
    6 Bedford 3 Tonner
    1 VM

    1 Land Rover
    1 Bedford 3 ton GS
    2 Bedford 3 ton Bedford Stores binner
    1 Scammell

    In LAD we had 1 EME with Cfn Dvr, 1 AQMS (Guns) , 1 S/Sgt +1 Cfn Armr,1 Cfn/LCpl Clerk,1 S Sgt (Artisan ) Vehs, 2 cfn VM, 2 Cfn Gunfitter,1 Sgt+1 Cfn Tech Store,1 Cfn VE1 Cpl Rec Mech.
    A grand total of 29 .(incl Bty Fitter)

    What size are they now and how many men do you need. As can b esen our equipments were fairly unsophisticated and most jobe were done using a basic tool box
  2. HMLC Stolly, when fitted to wade/swim.
    There was a fun machine to drive.
  3. TYTUS STOP IT................. I've got a lump in my pants now.
  4. A long time since missus 24A has seen that then mate :wink:
  5. At my first unit in 1980 1ADTR Wksp we had 2 MK's kitted out like caravans and had to look after AEC Mk 1 and 3's plus Stallys, Fodens, Can-ams (remember them?) landrover Mk3's and the Co's staff car.

    My last QRIH-14/20H LAD we had 110's, Bedfords, Samson, 434, Chieften ARV's whilst looking after Mk1 Challengers (originally made for the Shah)
  6. My first unit, 4/7 DG @ Tidworth, just got Bedford MK's before I arrived. We also had a Bedford RL Machy Wagon & a Commer, 432's with turrets & Stalwart Mk 1's. Mind you that was in 1976 :D
  7. My first LAD had an Austin K7 I think, built in 1948.
    Are there still mk1 432 in BATUS?
    We had a Leyland Wrecker for HQ sqn that must have managed all of 20 kph
    Can't forget the RL machy that I wrote off in soltau.
  8. When I got to my first sabre sqn fitter sect, C sqn, 4 RTR in '90, as the niggiest of the craftys, my sole task was to keep the SSM's Ferret on the road! What a stiffing that was! I couldn't wait for someone even niggier to come along.
  9. Not as exciting but I had 1 Tonne Ambulances with the V8 engines in my first unit in the late 80's, fast as fcuk from a standing start at the traffic lights for the first 40metres.
  10. Welsh Guards in '87 had an RL Machy wagon. The machy wagon was in pristine condition until our LAD Driver totalled it on the way to the depot to return it.
    We also had the Ferrets and 10 ton knockers - thankfully the knockers were on their way out when I arrived. I was a metalsmith and we had about 400 hours worth of welding to do on them.

    Down here in Oz we have the venerable 84mm Carl Gustav still in service - going great guns too!
  11. Ahhh 1 tonners - orgasmic :D :D
  12. Were these the ones you could hotwire by going underneath and shorting out the oil pressure switch?
  13. Fordson,
    remember a vm nickname Caz, back in munster in early 70's took it for test drive managed to select reverse whilst in a high fwd gear hellava noise but made it after nutting the steering wheel, LMFAO
  14. what about the what you call white fleet nowadays vauxhall range late 70,s Bedford CF van remember many a vm doin gear box changes on them in NI easy job, vauxhall chevette, only in black,

    Now heres a super car the ones we used to chase Soximis around in the nicknamed White Mice 3litre granadas (in WHITE) they went like $hit off a shovel vm's used to love test driving them when they worked for the RMP anyone remember them,

    Good old twin wheels at the rear Ford Transit mini buses used in NI 100 mph colraine to ballykelly,
  15. Everyones nightmare inc driver ----------- EAGER BEAVER