Should I buy any equipment?

Im currently a Trooper and have only recently been deployed to my troop, but ive been asking the equipment question alot. I spoke to a few of my SGT's all of whom assured me that the standard issue webbing was more then enough. Ive taken their word for it, but many of my CMS(R) mateys have gone out and bought assault vests, and im wondering if they're actually any good.

I definately need some boots, im currently tied between Magnum Elites and Lowca. Any help here would be great?

But Assault Vests, are they any good?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Couldnt find an equipment forum for this, so ill stick here.
Try the issued stuff first. At least you will have a benchmark.
Ive been trying it for about half a year, but problem is I dont want to go out and buy this stuff and find its shiet.

EDIT: Looking, cheers escape.
Tp sgt is right, the issue kit is more than adequate, chest rigs & vests do have their place, but only for certain roles, a driver f'instance may benefit from a vest or chest rig but when it comes to an all round exercise the standard PLCE works fine.

Again Boots, the issue combat boot is a good boot, once broken in, in my time I've had no real problems with them, saying that I've a set of magnums for working in camp & ISSUE pro boots for the field.

Save your money for now, & with experince you'll see what you need, have a word with your tp 3 bar about boots & extra kit, he seems to know the score.


Unless you're vehicle based I'd use the issue stuff. I bought an assault vest for telic, and while fine for driving it's pants for in the field. Mags are a pain to get in and out, pouches are nails to fasten properly without double jointed elbows and three hands. Many of the assault vests you see are also totally rubbish quality (webtex etc, buckles break at the slightest abuse). I've bought a couple of extra pouches (ebay!) to go on my issue webbing and i find it's far better for in the field.


Wait and see is best advice .Unless your doing some serious foot slogging the issuse boots are ok .assaults vests ok for vechicles
otherwise webbing .and day sac .And if your a driver and a cheap skate stick a mag poch on your belt and the rest of the stuff in day sac
you can grab in a hurry .